Faculty Interviews - 2008

Lloyd Irvin: Double Master of Marketing

Lloyd Irvin doesn’t need anyone to call him “master,” but the fact is that he is a master of martial arts.

He was World Champion in Brazilian Jujitsu in 2005.  National Champion in Judo twice and National Champion in Russian Sambo twice. Plus he has trained numerous gold medal winners and professional athletes.

In addition to earning the title of “master” in the martial arts, he’s also earned the title of master of marketing, both from his results
and the ideas he shares with others.

To learn where Lloyd gets his Internet marketing training click here:

The System Seminar

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Lon Naylor – Video changes everything

A lot of people have jumped on the Internet video
bandwagon in the last year or two.

Lon Naylor has been in the field since 1996 when he
was an engineer for Microsoft.

Besides his technical prowess, Lon was one of Microsoft’s
top guns when it came to creating multi-media presentations for high stakes sales situations.

In this session, he shares the hard won lessons of how to sell with video online and off.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Christina Hills: The one thing that matters most

Christina started at the System Seminar as a student
and has evolved into one of my favorite Internet marketing educators.


Three reasons:

1. Her explanations are as clear as glass

2. She includes everything you need to know

3. She talks about topics that are essential to your success, but the “gurus’ feel there is no profit in sharing with you.

At previous Systems, Christina got under the hood of 1shoppingcart, the Internet business tool that everyone uses, but few really understand
completely and no one teaches.

Last year, she gave an excellent presentation on the mechanics of online up-sells and cross-sells, a method that can add 10% to 30% to a business’
online profits  overnight.

In this tele-seminar, Christina talks about the most important and now most neglected topic in all of Internet marketing: e-mail marketing.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Richard Mouser – The Secret Sauce

One of the overwhelming advantages that the Internet has over any other marketing method is the ability to let
you track and test results.

System grad Richard Mouser experienced the power of this first hand. After his first System Seminar he learned how to reduce his cost per sale from $80 to just $8.50,
resulting in an explosion of profits for his business.

I asked Richard to join the faculty last year and share how he used tracking
and testing to do it. The folks who attended his session gave him a 100% thumbs up across the board.

This year, he’s coming back with an even better show. Here’s the preview:

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Colin McDougall – Real cutting edge SEO

Five years ago, when Google changed its ranking methods, most of the search engine world was thrown into disarray.

Not Colin McDougall.

He went straight to the source – Google itself – and got unprecedented insight into Google’s plans to stamp out search engine spam.

Three-way reciprocal links? The Google sandbox? Is this what your SEO guru has been teaching you?

If so, you better listen to this explosive interview before you waste any more
time and money on stale, out-dated advice.

Colin offers a phenomenal free service at the end of this call that I’ve seen others charge $1,000 and up for – and these other offers don’t hold a candle to what Colin is giving away to Pre-System students.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Sean D’Souza – Advanced Info Marketing

Can you build an information marketing empire without affiliates, without JVs, without hyped up “product launches,”  – and without employees?

Is it possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars
a year and still have time for multi-week vacations
and a leisurely work day?

What do you do if all you have to start with is a few loyal clients and customers?

Sean D’Souza publishes one of the only marketing newsletters I read on a regular basis. He’s one of those very rare individuals that has something unique to say about the info marketing business.

I don’t care how much you think you know about info marketing or how many of the “gurus” you’ve studied with, Sean has solid, on-the-money advice you probably won’t hear anywhere else – and he’s followed his own advice to create a business that’s truly enviable.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

James Martell – Secrets of an Affiliate Marketing Master

James has been involved in affiliate marketing for coming up on ten years now.

Along the way, he’s not only used affiliate marketing to create a handsome living and enviable lifestyle for himself and his family, he’s also helped hundreds of people jump the gap from newbie to full time affiliate

Affiliate marketing is as close to  a “pure” play in Internet marketing as you can get. You never handle product or customer service so your focus is entirely on getting traffic and converting visitors. Because of this, top affiliate marketers like James have great insight into what works and what doesn’t in online marketing.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Martin Atkins – Lessons from the Rock and Roll Battlefield

There is no tougher business than music promotion, selling concert tickets and records (now CDs and downloads.)

I know. I did it and I thank heaven that that very tough industry was my introduction to business because truly everything has been easy since then.

You can imagine my joy when I met Martin Atkins, a rock and roll drummer turned music promoter turned educator,
who has distilled the hard won lessons of music promotion in such a way that they can be profitably applied to any business or human endeavor.

Martin talks about the “juice” you need to make your business work. Listen and learn. This is solid gold reality-based advice that you will very rarely hear anywhere else.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Ann Convery: The ultimate marketing secret

If you asked me to name the single most essential, “must have” marketing skill, I would not hesitate with my answer:

The ability to develop a good “hook.”

In my experience, closing is easy when you’re talking to the right person and have made a well thought out presentation tailored to your prospect.

What’s not easy is getting someone to sit down and listen (or read or watch) what you have to say. Every successful marketer has mastered this skill. No one teaches it better than Ann Convery.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Dave Dee – Marketing Magic

When Dave came to his first System seminar he was making a grand total of $500 a year online.

Very shortly after this training that became $500 a day.  And he’s taken it far beyond even that figure.

Dave is one of our most popular faculty members and I’m always delighted when he agrees to join us again for
a new season.

His specialty – and what makes him so unique – is the masterful way he combines online and offline marketing.

Many people talk about this. I don’t know anyone who does it better. I certainly don’t know anyone who teaches it better.

Later in the Pre-System series, we’ll be posting Dave’s entire workshop from
System 2007. I guarantee it will blow you away.

Meanwhile, if you don’t already know him, please meet and enjoy one of my favorite educators.  He’s got some unusual advice about how to achieve success online.