Faculty Interviews - 2008

Martin Atkins – Lessons from the Rock and Roll Battlefield

There is no tougher business than music promotion, selling concert tickets and records (now CDs and downloads.)

I know. I did it and I thank heaven that that very tough industry was my introduction to business because truly everything has been easy since then.

You can imagine my joy when I met Martin Atkins, a rock and roll drummer turned music promoter turned educator,
who has distilled the hard won lessons of music promotion in such a way that they can be profitably applied to any business or human endeavor.

Martin talks about the “juice” you need to make your business work. Listen and learn. This is solid gold reality-based advice that you will very rarely hear anywhere else.

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It’s so refreshing to get an informed post.
It’s funny, 90% of all the Internet (and many of the direct) marketers out there try to pose as “rock and roll” bad boys.
Martin is the real McCoy *and* his business advice is more on target than most of the “dreamland” stuff the guru gang peddles.
For those who are creative minded, get his book on Touring. It doesn’t matter if you never do or never plan to do a live event. His “reality check” on what it takes to get things done in the real world is spot on. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

I love his idea of starting in small or mid-size cities NOT in places like New-York or Los Angeles.

Marvin —
Watch/listen to the Pre-System interview with Sharon Odom. It’s presented in video format and shows you step by step how to identify potential markets and determine if they will be profitable.

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