Faculty Interviews - 2008

Lloyd Irvin: Double Master of Marketing

Lloyd Irvin doesn’t need anyone to call him “master,” but the fact is that he is a master of martial arts.

He was World Champion in Brazilian Jujitsu in 2005.  National Champion in Judo twice and National Champion in Russian Sambo twice. Plus he has trained numerous gold medal winners and professional athletes.

In addition to earning the title of “master” in the martial arts, he’s also earned the title of master of marketing, both from his results
and the ideas he shares with others.

To learn where Lloyd gets his Internet marketing training click here:

The System Seminar

10 replies on “Lloyd Irvin: Double Master of Marketing”

You got that term right Lloyd Irvin is definitely a Double Master of Marketing and Martial Arts … great interview excellent question very good informative answers its a product in its self … thanks for the invitation to this blog and letting me listen in to this MP3
All my best to you and yours
Phillip Skinner

As a BJJ/MMA enthusiast, I’ve been following Lloyd on the net for about 4 years now and am on several of his mailing lists. About two years ago I started really looking into Im and trying to learn as much as possible to try and expand my business. I discovered “the System’ web site around 2006. While soaking in as much info as I could, I realized that Lloyd was implementing everything I was reading about in his communications with me. I was so pumped to know someone was actually using these methods. Weeks later I learned Lloyd was a recent System grad, and caught his interviews on this site. I was totally floored!! Not only with his success story, but more so with the fact that here was a “real” person I had been familiar with and a fan of, way before learning anything about IM, and here he was a major success, implementing all that I’ve been trying to learn about. I’ve listened to all of Lloyd’s System interviews and they are jam packed with gold.
I even flew out to Maryland from my home in Florida late last year to meet Lloyd personally at one of his GKIC meeting in which Dan Kennedy was speaking. I was really looking forward to finally attending this years System seminar, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.
Knowing that a “real” person has gone through the program and continues to succeed keeps me confident I’m on the right track and hopeful of accomplishing the same success.
Thanks Ken and Lloyd for all that you share. You are my hope and inspiration.
Carlos Castellanos

For some reason, I can’t pay attention to “Audio” content…it doesn’t register or i lose focus.
On the other hand, Video or “written” word, I will go through it without any problem.
I wanted to let you know about this because every time i want to go through the interviews you send, but this keeps me off…
If there is enough demand or makes sense for you business-wise…I would love to see content in those formats.

Ken, this would have to be the best of the best so far..!!
Some of what Lloyd spoke about is market segmentation by client profile and he made it all so simple..
In reply to Manny, and taking Lloyd’s phrase about Taking Action & Implementing, it is easy for Manny to get a transcription done of the recording he likes the best is it not..??
Perhaps Manny has children who are old enough to type up a word doc for some pocket money – and imagine the questions they would have after listening to the audio…
Great interview Ken; Many thanks 😉

That’s all I have to say. Lloyd seems so much of a mystery, you never see him in the ‘guru’ circles, you never really know what he’s really doing but he makes the basics sound so simple. Then he takes the basics to the advanced level, I’m simply amazed.
I was speaking to a friend who was telling me how many niche markets Lloyd is actually in that no one knows about.
Does anyone know why he doesn’t teach this stuff? I would attend in a minute.
Bravo Ken for producing
the best internet marketing students from scratch on the planet.

I have been so lucky to be a member of Master Lloyd’s Platinum Master Mind. He is extremely knowledgeable about business and marketing. I get to sit next to him for 10 hours each month and soak in all that he is teaching.

No question Lloyd is an INSPIRATION to all facing recession or slowing economy.
The power of surveying your market and giving real service to it.

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