Faculty Interviews - 2008

Lon Naylor – Video changes everything

A lot of people have jumped on the Internet video
bandwagon in the last year or two.

Lon Naylor has been in the field since 1996 when he
was an engineer for Microsoft.

Besides his technical prowess, Lon was one of Microsoft’s
top guns when it came to creating multi-media presentations for high stakes sales situations.

In this session, he shares the hard won lessons of how to sell with video online and off.

7 replies on “Lon Naylor – Video changes everything”

This is an excellent interview; thanks! I’d like to point out that there’s an inexpensive alternative to Camtasia for Mac users: iShowU, from Not quite as powerful as Camtasia, but I find it perfectly acceptable.
For live video on the Mac, it’s hard to beat iMovie.
Ken, I remember you did a review a while back of the Flip camcorder. Do you still like it, or is there now a better alternative in the same price range?

Thanks, Lon. I hadn’t heard of Screenflow–looks very promising. If I ever get around to upgrading to Leopard, I’ll give it a spin.

I still love my little flip camera (PureDigital). Now you can get one with a 60 minute “hard drive” for just $95.
It has it’s limits of course. You need good external lighting for example, but for “do it now” convenience, it can’t be beat.
In fact, I’d say DO NOT BUY any other camera until you’ve gotten this one and gotten good with it.
Too many people drop hundreds and even thousands of dollars on camera and never use them.
If you have a knack and/or interest in camera work, this inexpensive alternative will let you know.

It is astonishing how quickly we’ve all adopted online video.
Less than 3 years ago it was clunky, hard to watch and most of us gave up trying to make it work in frustration.
Now a kid with a cell phone can put up a streaming video from nearly anywhere he can get phone coverage without even needing a website.
What impresses me most though is that Ken was one of the first to recognize the trend towards online video.
Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

Hi Lon,
I don’t know how to get a hold of you but I was wondering if you still do consulting work. You posted a reply to my thread in mastering camtasia. Please contact me at the email address that I left.

Hi Lon & Ken,
Thanks so much for the many details, tips and URLs in your call. It went way beyond “providing value”.
Kudos for emphasizing the difference between the skills of video production and the skill of being able to ‘tell stories with picture’ (ie, a script…)
BTW, the value in starting with a simple tool is in the immediate requirement (of the student) to comprehend the Timeline – the relationship between the pictures and sound across time. It’s the basis for editing, yes?
Many Windows users may find that they have the program Windows Movie Maker which, although limited, is a *really* cheap way to start grappling with the Timeline.
My 2c.
I am in your debt for your sharing of yours on the call.

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