Faculty Interviews - 2008

Ann Convery: The ultimate marketing secret

If you asked me to name the single most essential, “must have” marketing skill, I would not hesitate with my answer:

The ability to develop a good “hook.”

In my experience, closing is easy when you’re talking to the right person and have made a well thought out presentation tailored to your prospect.

What’s not easy is getting someone to sit down and listen (or read or watch) what you have to say. Every successful marketer has mastered this skill. No one teaches it better than Ann Convery.

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Ken, just wanted to say thanks for all the Pre-system interviews, great information! I’m really hoping to make it to the System in May.

Hi Ken & Bettina!
As both a system grad and monthly coaching member I’m always satisfied with the info you share, but I have to say that Ms. Convery’s message reached me at just the right moment. After listening I completely rewrote a Teeseminar intro I was working on and I look forward to her advice making a huge difference in the “stickiness” of my presentation.
Keep the goodness coming! All the best!

I recall seeing Ann at the pre-system event last year and being very impressed with what she presented. She’s right on the money with her education and I’m really looking forward to listening to this mp3 file to see what she has to share this year. Thanks, Ken for this golden freebie!

Thanks for the interview, very inspiring and informative
Would love to come to your seminar
the best
marketing student, Norway

Amazing call, Ken & Ann, I took two pages of notes, and now to put the meaty tips in action on my sites.
I so wish I had the means to attend Ken’s System Seminar… it’s been a dream for the last four years. Maybe the next one… I shall not give up this one of my many dreams.
Thank you both for a very engaging audio presentation that was well worth listening to.
My best to you both,

Ann’s picture certainly is a first hook! 🙂
So, a good hook is about two ways to create curiosity through suspense (= not say too much upfront) and create emotion at once. Ken & Ann present the hook concept. Interesting, I would have appreciated more concrete examples. However Ann does remind us of what NOT TO DO. Informative teaser!

Great job with all your free and pertinent info. I can’t come to the System but I am a good prosect for the Homestudy course…but when I try to bring it up I get timed out. Suggestions?
Gene Pepper

Hi Ken and Ann
Another great interview in this pre-system series! I enjoyed listening to Ann and she provided some great tips on creating your ‘hook’. I’m now going to re-write some materials I’ve prepared for an upcoming teleclass based on this interview!

Ann Convery has certainly spent time on finding ways on how to ENGAGE people .
May I add that your Pre-Seminar Series is certainly a way to engage us newbies or wannabies.
Good practical info to be applied immediately.

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