Faculty Interviews - 2008

Dave Dee – Marketing Magic

When Dave came to his first System seminar he was making a grand total of $500 a year online.

Very shortly after this training that became $500 a day.  And he’s taken it far beyond even that figure.

Dave is one of our most popular faculty members and I’m always delighted when he agrees to join us again for
a new season.

His specialty – and what makes him so unique – is the masterful way he combines online and offline marketing.

Many people talk about this. I don’t know anyone who does it better. I certainly don’t know anyone who teaches it better.

Later in the Pre-System series, we’ll be posting Dave’s entire workshop from
System 2007. I guarantee it will blow you away.

Meanwhile, if you don’t already know him, please meet and enjoy one of my favorite educators.  He’s got some unusual advice about how to achieve success online.

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I highly recommend listening to this material. Dave Dee’s workshop at System ’07 provided the most value to our business. We used the information to generate $40,000 in additional sales one month after the seminar – without any additional expense and without a large list.
It is great stuff!

Dave Dee has jump started my business! After 3 years with less than $2,000 in combined sales, his copy writing suggestions helped me make $2500 in one week. I’m now updating my website to reflect his methods. I will have 3 information products within 2 months of practicing his magic ways!

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