Faculty Interviews - 2008

Gauher Chaudhry: The secret business of traffic brokering

Do you need a product to make big money on the Internet?

Yes, but it’s doesn’t have to be your own. Not only that, you don’t have to sell anything – you just have to get traffic and get people to fill out simple, short forms.

It’s called CPA – “cost per action” – and for years it’s been a well kept secret.  While everyone else has been knocking themselves out selling eBooks and searching for the “ideal” niche, traffic brokers have been raking it in simply by sending people to other people’s web sites.

It’s a fascinating field and Gauher is one of the masters of it.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Christian Mickelsen – The business of coaching

In the last ten to fifteen years a new phenomenon
has emerged in business: “coaching.”

Formerly just the province of athletes, coaching has
taken the business world by storm.

But is it really worth it, or is it just a hyped up fad?

Veteran coach and “coach of coaches” explains when coaching is called for, how to find a good coach, how to become a successful coach, and how to add coaching to an info marketing business or use it as the foundation of a brand new venture.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Ed O’Keefe – From zero to over $6 million a year…

From zero to over $6 million a year and growing
…in just five years

Gurus like to throw big numbers around to dazzle you, but they rarely, if ever, share what’s behind those big numbers.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get from zero to
$1 million a year in sales…and how people go from that plateau to $5 million or year or more?

Should you out source everything? Should you work a Four Hour Work Week? What really works?

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Sharon Odom – How to Find Your Niche

Lots of people have online business ideas.

Few know how to analyze these businesses for their profit potential.

In this step-by-step video, Ken McCarthy and System 2008 faculty member Sharon Odom take a market idea and show the exact process screen-by-screen for how they look for winning Internet marketing ideas.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Colin Arthur – Web design and search

Colin spent 15 years as a graphic artist in the newspaper industry in Vancouver ending his career as the creative director of two papers.

He’s also a professional rock and roll musician.

When he encountered his first Macintosh, he saw the writing on the wall and began the long process of transferring his skills from the paper and ink to the digital world.

One four-day $90,000 sales spike in his fledgling Internet business convinced him that the Internet was for real and he’s never looked back.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Timothy Seward – ROI Revolution

Timothy had over fifty employees, thousands of square feet of warehouse space and an extremely profitable truck parts wholesaling business.

When he sold his company for a fat profit, he chose to pursue the thing he loved the most about his business: technology.

In recent years, Timothy has become one of the leading authorities on how to use Internet tracking tools to wrack up amazing profits.

Who says?

Google says.

His company is one of only two in the world that Google has certified to teach
Google Analysis in a live seminar format.

And he’ll be teaching at System 2008 along with Tom Leung, Google’s product manager for its Website Optimizer.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Tom Leung – Straight from Google Headquarters

This year, the System is honored to be presenting an executive from Google.

Tom Leung is a serial entrepreneur who Google
tapped to lead its new Website Optimizer group.

Like the System Seminar, Google is obsessed with
testing and giving its customers the best possible
tools to grow their businesses.

Google’s Website Optimizer is a relatively new initiative that gives even low-budget Internet marketers access to testing tools developed at the cost of millions of dollars.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Cindy Kappler – How to make it happen

Cindy Kappler is the mother of five and a full time Internet

On this call she talks about how to learn Internet marketing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some people complain about not having “enough time.”
If that’s your excuse – or challenge – hear how a real pro handles the problem.

Great call for beginners and you too if you feel overwhelmed at times with the tasks you face.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Chris Daigle – Turbo-charging real estate sales with the Internet

Chris Daigle is a real estate investor.

He developed a lucrative niche for himself in New Orleans.

Then Hurricane Katrina struck and wiped him out along
with marketplace.

So what did he do?

He turned to the Internet and created a fascinating hybrid of creative real estate and Internet marketing that’s making
more money than ever.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Nancy Andrews – Pulling back the curtain

Nancy Andrews – Pulling back the curtain on
the biggest opportunity online

Info marketing is a great business, but it represents only the tiniest fraction of the total amount of sales that take place online.

People buy “stuff” online…physical products… hard goods. In fact, if you look at the top 500 online businesses on earth, you won’t find one info marketer.

For many folks, it’s actually much easier to start a successful online store than it is to create an info business.

Nancy and her husband Bob started and run a very successful online store and in this call, she shares practically everything you need to know to enter this business profitably.