Faculty Interviews - 2008

Richard Mouser – The Secret Sauce

One of the overwhelming advantages that the Internet has over any other marketing method is the ability to let
you track and test results.

System grad Richard Mouser experienced the power of this first hand. After his first System Seminar he learned how to reduce his cost per sale from $80 to just $8.50,
resulting in an explosion of profits for his business.

I asked Richard to join the faculty last year and share how he used tracking
and testing to do it. The folks who attended his session gave him a 100% thumbs up across the board.

This year, he’s coming back with an even better show. Here’s the preview:

4 replies on “Richard Mouser – The Secret Sauce”

Ken, you’re awesome, you always communicate with such clarity and power, thanks again for sharing this vital info on tracking results. There’s a bunch of talk about this topic but rarely is it really explored in depth, Richard and you hit the vein and the the blood pulse with the explosive sales techniques covered, and thanks a lot you’re both much appreciated.

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