Faculty Interviews - 2008

Sean D’Souza – Advanced Info Marketing

Can you build an information marketing empire without affiliates, without JVs, without hyped up “product launches,”  – and without employees?

Is it possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars
a year and still have time for multi-week vacations
and a leisurely work day?

What do you do if all you have to start with is a few loyal clients and customers?

Sean D’Souza publishes one of the only marketing newsletters I read on a regular basis. He’s one of those very rare individuals that has something unique to say about the info marketing business.

I don’t care how much you think you know about info marketing or how many of the “gurus” you’ve studied with, Sean has solid, on-the-money advice you probably won’t hear anywhere else – and he’s followed his own advice to create a business that’s truly enviable.

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Hi Ken,
I found this interview pleasant but not stimulating. The stories are too general and long winded, and his tips are blatantly obvious.
I did not get any takeaways from this interview.

Effective implementation of the profound concepts that Sean presents is a complex art. Wouldn’t you agree? Is this approach beyond the ability of someone who is not yet a skilled info marketer?

I enjoyed this interview very much. Not for its entertainment value, but for the true content. I’m a newbie to info marketing so having these concepts presented to me at this stage may be a bit premature, but I’ve filed them away for when the time is right.

I have to say I find these comments about “long-winded” and “irrelevant” and “obvious” that are popping up throughout the blog this year – for the first time ever – fascinating.
What’s really fascinating to me is that several of them are from the same IP address and posted under different names.
Beyond that, I really have to question the mentality of anyone who can listen to this or any of the interviews in this series and make a comment like this.
I guess these folks have: a) made their millions or b) already know it all.
In many of the cases in this series, these interviews represent the ONLY free shot folks are going to get to listen and learn from these experts.
You can invest your energy getting the benefits or you can invest wasting your time searching for ways to cook up criticisms.
I can pretty much predict the odds of success for the people who are chosing the second track.

Ken, thank you for checking the IP address of the negative commenter(s). Something in the feedback struck me as self-serving and not quite on the level.
I’m a fan of Sean’s work and have applied his principles to good effect in my business.
Stephen asked if a newbie can apply Sean’s concepts, and I would say yes. I know newbies who started with a dead-in-the-water Web site, bought the Brain Audit, and applied it page by page as best they could.
Their business grew, and as it did they also grew in sophistication (and invested in ongoing training).
One of the things I love most about the Internet is that ordinary people with an interest and hard work can do it themselves. Start where you are, do what you can, and learn from your mistakes and successes.
The biggest error I see folks make online is not poor marketing strategy or bad copy writing. It’s looking for an overnight success. The first things can be fixed with education; the only thing that fixes being in a hurry seems to be failure.

Sean’s explanation of sequential selling along parallel tracks was extremely helpful.
I am a physician who would like to offer pieces of what I do to people who want to go as far as possible using nutritional supplements and herbs before seeing a physician, or who self-treat. I wasn’t sure how to break topics up since when I work with a patient, I look at their situation overall. Still, there is a sequence and a process to what I do.
Based on this call, I understand that I can make several tracks and help people choose which track to start with. They can do tracks one after the other or even simultaneously if they choose. I can integrate the content of the tracks so the whole program makes sense. I see that I can transfer large portions of what I do to this model of sequential selling on parallel tracks. As Sean says, it’s my responsibility to plan out the process and lead my client through it step by step.
Just wanted to put in my 2 cents that I found the audio to be quite specific and relevant to my marketing issues. I’m not a newbie and not advanced.

The D’Souza interview is the best and most useful I have encountered. He spouts not obvious platitudes but truly thoughtful and meaningful and useful concepts, and gives plenty of examples to make the meaning clear. VERY well done!

Ken One thing that has held me back from starting on line was not knowing where to start or which topic to begin with as I am rather diverse. Sean put me on track with “teach them in layers” I can do that! Thanks for the insight and inspiration Trish D

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