Faculty Interviews - 2008

Christina Hills: The one thing that matters most

Christina started at the System Seminar as a student
and has evolved into one of my favorite Internet marketing educators.


Three reasons:

1. Her explanations are as clear as glass

2. She includes everything you need to know

3. She talks about topics that are essential to your success, but the “gurus’ feel there is no profit in sharing with you.

At previous Systems, Christina got under the hood of 1shoppingcart, the Internet business tool that everyone uses, but few really understand
completely and no one teaches.

Last year, she gave an excellent presentation on the mechanics of online up-sells and cross-sells, a method that can add 10% to 30% to a business’
online profits  overnight.

In this tele-seminar, Christina talks about the most important and now most neglected topic in all of Internet marketing: e-mail marketing.

4 replies on “Christina Hills: The one thing that matters most”

Greetings Christina, im a Marketing Manager with my own SEO company and for me what makes your blog and mp3 an inspiration for other marketers is that it gives us the drive we need on some of our not so good days. Really Appretiate it, thank you. Sincerely Thomas R.

It s really great, what a serendipity ! I have been looking for that information for some time now knowing I needed it but not knowing how to go about it.
I am going to start working on it TOMORROW for my blog where I get people stopping every day but not knowing how to get their e-mail address.

When I click on the link CLick Here For Info On Donloading the MP3
I get a javascript Void Error.
Anyone else having difficulty with this?

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