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Bob Bly – Success is not a mystery – it’s a system

Success is not a mystery – it’s a system

I’ve always taken a systematic approach to Internet marketing.

I credit that with the fact that my businesses…and my students’ businesses… and THEIR students businesses have been so successful over the years.

But I’m a student too…a student of direct marketing.

One of the guys whose work I have been studying pretty much non-stop since the mid-eighties is the incomparable Bob Bly.

Find out why Bob Bly + Internet marketing = success.

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Faculty Interviews - 2008

Lloyd Irvin: Double Master of Marketing

Lloyd Irvin doesn’t need anyone to call him “master,” but the fact is that he is a master of martial arts.

He was World Champion in Brazilian Jujitsu in 2005.  National Champion in Judo twice and National Champion in Russian Sambo twice. Plus he has trained numerous gold medal winners and professional athletes.

In addition to earning the title of “master” in the martial arts, he’s also earned the title of master of marketing, both from his results
and the ideas he shares with others.

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