Faculty Interviews - 2008

James Martell – Secrets of an Affiliate Marketing Master

James has been involved in affiliate marketing for coming up on ten years now.

Along the way, he’s not only used affiliate marketing to create a handsome living and enviable lifestyle for himself and his family, he’s also helped hundreds of people jump the gap from newbie to full time affiliate

Affiliate marketing is as close to  a “pure” play in Internet marketing as you can get. You never handle product or customer service so your focus is entirely on getting traffic and converting visitors. Because of this, top affiliate marketers like James have great insight into what works and what doesn’t in online marketing.

14 replies on “James Martell – Secrets of an Affiliate Marketing Master”

the Audio with James Martell is very interesting, unique,fresh approach, much appreciated Ken and James
ill be listening again and taking notes, real info ,not hyped up, just great,
unusual to find this quality on line for free. As i live in Australia, theres no chance of me making it to Chicago .. maybe when im a successful affiliate marketer ??

I wasn’t expecting what I got! Thank you so much for being so straight forward. I am building my own website right now. And this really helped me know how important the content is! You can’t just throw it up there and hope for the best. Thanks for the real life, down to earth tips!

Great information… thanks to James also for sharing insight on marketing and I appreciate you guys for taking the time to contribute to the community… this is really good quality information on these pages..

Excellent stuff, the fact you give this away for free is unbelievable. Internet Marketers old and new can benefit from this sort of training. Thank you for you generosity.

I wanted to know if there is ever any problem with verifying that you were in fact the source of the sale. I have also heard horror stories about companies that have an AP on their site and buyers will just end around your commission. any thoughts about how to mimimize those experiances? thanks

I clicked to get info on downloading the MP3 and got the whole interview. It was great but how do I download for later listening?
Would love to come to Chicago but all the way from South Africa is not on.
Many thanks, Jess

Jess – To download the interview so you can listen to it later, left click on the link above that says “Click here for information on downloading the MP3”. When you get to the new page, right click on Option #2 to download the audio.

Great and simple explanation on Affiliate Marketing by James Martell.
Very clear explanation.
My questions : 1) What is the range of commission rates from the Affiliates to be expected ?
2) Shouldn’t Affiliates be in some way related to themes on your web pages ?

I just saw James’ presentation at the System Seminar 2008 – outstanding stuff. Among other things, he gave very useful information on building backlinks legitimately. Highly recommended!

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