Faculty Interviews - 2008

Dave Dee – Marketing Magic

When Dave came to his first System seminar he was making a grand total of $500 a year online.

Very shortly after this training that became $500 a day.  And he’s taken it far beyond even that figure.

Dave is one of our most popular faculty members and I’m always delighted when he agrees to join us again for
a new season.

His specialty – and what makes him so unique – is the masterful way he combines online and offline marketing.

Many people talk about this. I don’t know anyone who does it better. I certainly don’t know anyone who teaches it better.

Later in the Pre-System series, we’ll be posting Dave’s entire workshop from
System 2007. I guarantee it will blow you away.

Meanwhile, if you don’t already know him, please meet and enjoy one of my favorite educators.  He’s got some unusual advice about how to achieve success online.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Kim Dushinski – Mobile Marketing: The Next Frontier

Imagine: 95% of your messages opened…search engines
begging to list your site…3 billion potential customers
(three times the number of Internet users.)

That’s the wild, uncharted and explosively growing world
of mobile marketing.

Getting solid, actionable information on mobile marketing
is not easy. That’s why Kim, a System grad, is literally writing the book on the subject.

In this call, she reveals the names of the specific resources you need to start creating and promoting mobile web sites and other mobile services.

A System Seminar exclusive. You won’t find  this information
anywhere else.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Ross Goldberg – Traffic from Social Media: The Right Way

Three years ago, Ross Goldberg fell into a coma
for ten days.

When he woke up from it, he’d learned
that an Internet promotion he’d launched before he
went under had made him $1,000 while he
was comatose.

Then just a "newbie," this extraordinary experience
made a big impression on him and he decided to
take Internet marketing very seriously.

One of the rising stars of the legitimate Internet
marketing world, Ross is a world class expert
of marketing with social media.  Heavy hitters
like Mike Filsaime call on him for
his advice.

In this interview, ROSS lets some major secrets
out of the bag…including one at the end that
absolutely blew my mind on how to get top
position on YouTube.

He also gives away his personal list of over
100 social media sites that can be used to drive
massive amounts of targeted, qualified traffic
to your sites. I know one group that only makes
a list like this available to people who get their
multi-thousand dollar program.

And Ross gives it away for free on this call!

Interviews with System grads

Howie Jacobson and Kristie McDonald – REAL Internet success

If you’ve been around Internet marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably been pitched on countless “miracle” methods.

You know, “secret methods” that will propel you to instant riches overnight.

At the System, we take a different approach to Internet marketing.

We turn “newbies” into pros. In other words, instead of promising the moon
and delivering hot air, we focus on training beginners (and others) in all the skills that really count in Internet marketing.

Maybe that’s why nine of our 25 faculty members are folks we’ve trained from
scratch and System grads are leading their own seminars and having their
books on Internet marketing published by major publishers.

Here’s an interview with two grads in which they share what it’s like to be a System student and the benefits they’ve gotten from their non-hype, serious training.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Glenn Livingston: The Ultimate Niche Finding System

In my experience, 90% of Internet marketing success comes
from picking the right niche. And picking the right niche is
a matter of research.

No one has a better, more comprehensive approach to
niche finding than Glenn Livingston.

Glenn’s tools will not only help you find lucrative niches
that others overlook, they’ll also help you extract more
money from a market than you would have ever dreamed

If you listen to no other call this year, make sure you
listen to this one. Glenn’s work is absolutely original
and you won’t find these insights anywhere else.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Robert Middleton – How to sell online like a pro

Robert is an info marketer who specializes in
selling to a selective and somewhat skeptical

If you’re ever wondered if the “super hype”
methods used by Internet marketers work
in all markets, here’s a one-word answer: No!

For maximum success and longevity, it’s essential to tailor your marketing to your market.

If you’d like an alternative to the screaming headlines and shameless hype, here’s a solid, sustainable model thatbrings real value to the marketplace and lets Robert live the life of his dreams.

What Grads have to say about the System

What I learned at System 2007

It’s amazing how many people have posted to the Internet speculating what goes on at the annual System Seminar.

I asked attendees of the recently completed System 2007 – our best event yet – what they thought about the return on their invesment.

Here’s what they said…

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Tim Gorman – Big Profits from a Small Business

Tim Gorman is an active duty captain in the US Army.
Talk about a demanding job. Some days
he starts at 5 AM and isn’t home until
10 PM.

Between his job and his family,
Tim, like many people, doesn’t have
a whole lot of extra time to build a
sideline business. That’s why he’s
put a premium on simplicity and
efficiency in his Internet ventures.

So far, it’s been "mission accomplished"
and Tim has already duplicated and
surpassed his captain’s pay with
the income he gets from his very
part-time, very low management online

Tim’s speciality? I think you’ll find
it fascinating and it’s something
every Internet marketer can profit
from mightily regardless of what
you sell or what business you’re in.

(Note: this interview was conducted before System 2007)

Interviews with System grads

Kelly Muldoon

Like so many people, Kelly Muldoon had a dream. She wanted to create a business that would provide her
with more freedom and satisfaction than the usual 9-to-5 grind.

A friend recommended the System to her. That was two years ago and now Kelly has a thriving and growing business with near-limitless upside potential. Hear about the
unique niche she discovered and how the System helped her tap
into it.

What Grads have to say about the System

“I was at System 2006…”

What was last year’s System Seminar like?

With twenty-three top flight faculty members, twenty-five special workshops, and dozens of business owners with six, seven and even eight figure a year businesses, I think it’s fair to say that System 2006 has to rank as one of the most remarkable gatherings of entrepreneurial Internet marketing talent ever assembled one roof.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: Here’s what the people who were there have to say in their words…