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“I was at System 2006…”

What was last year’s System Seminar like?

With twenty-three top flight faculty members, twenty-five special workshops, and dozens of business owners with six, seven and even eight figure a year businesses, I think it’s fair to say that System 2006 has to rank as one of the most remarkable gatherings of entrepreneurial Internet marketing talent ever assembled one roof.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: Here’s what the people who were there have to say in their words…

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Thanks for an outstanding seminar! This was my first syetem event (and my first internet marketing seminar). You always over deliver and this event was no exception.
Really appreciated the amount of time built in to network. I got two or three ideas that I can use immediately to increase my off-line consulting (using on-line methods) at least 5x, with no additional time invested!
See you next year (Lord willing)!
Joe Occhino
Sound Financial Concepts, Inc.

I have been to far to many of this type of event. With hesitation I drove up to chicago think I would leave after the first day.
Boy was I wrong. Ken it was one of the best weekends I have had. The staff that you put together was great. After the first alone I had my moneys worth and than some. The folks who attended were great, and I can not say enough about this trip.
If any one is even thinking about attending they should go. I know I will be back next year.
Mark Young

What a truly great event.
It really is possible to have a seminar that gives great content with little or no pitching.
I remember my first System Seminar back in Feb of 2005 when I first decided to get into the information marketing business.
Since then I’ve been using a few select tools to grow my business, and grow it fast.
At this event, as always, I was introduced to the latest, cutting edge tools, that I will use to continue to grow my business faster and more profitably.
Thanks for a great event.
Brian T. Edmondson

I have a very busy schedule because I already have a successful business (nothing to do internet – vehicle wraps) so all the people in my office and even my family tried to talk me out of going to the system right now as we already have alot going on despite every outside influnce imaginable. I knew this is where I needed to be to learn what I needed to know for my businesses future. Your staff was top notch and very willing to help above and beyond the classroom setting. I feel I have become part of a elite club of the best internet marketers. I have a well I can draw apon as I need. I am so glad I pressed on and went to The System 2006! Now to process all the great infomation I overdosed on this weekend. Where to start internet video? SEO? Blogging? Ebay? Info? PR?

As I said on the video blog and over at Fallon’s blog, without a doubt, this was THE most rockin event ever!
Rather than repeat much of what I said on Fallon’s blog, here’s the quote:
I’ll have to agree with you
that the System was a most
awesome event.
I’m a firm believer that just
2-3 things I learned over the
weekend will add another zero
onto my already six figure
In fact, I was devirginized
as this was my very FIRST
Internet Marketing Seminar
event and I’m glad I saved
myself for this one. ;o)
(It was my plan all along)
I think anyone that has
something between their ears
and wants to make somer serious
money on the internet should
attend this event — and in
fact, it should be mandatory.
Ken’s just a super guy and
really knows how to build
credibility and keep a
presence that keeps those
interested — locked in for
years. (I’m living proof of
Personally speaking though, in
the first couple years of my
internet marketing education,
I probably spent more than
$2,495 on info products galore,
from copywriting to info product
creation to web scripts, etc.
And personally, I think my time
would have been cut down
dramatically just going to a
System Seminar from the get-go.
I actually was salivating about
going to the System since 2002
when I first came in contact
with Ken’s site.
I went to work — dug a whole,
became a master at something —
and launched and
was stunned when the first year,
the site was mentioned and
brought up at the May 2004
System Seminar. One of NicheBOT’s
loyal fans from only a couple of
months out of the blocks went up
to Ken and said you’ve gotta see
this site.
There is nothing better than
creating true loyalty with your
audience. It’s worth more than
its weight in GOLD.
It was good to meet you while I
was at the Trade Show speaking
to your partner Andy at the trade
show booth.
You kinda gave me this sort of,
“Hmmmmm, where do I know this guy
from?” kinda look.
I used to actually chat a lot
with your producer, Mark Carey.
Anyways — you are definitely a
true inspiration with how you
crush the Big G and the success
you’ve brought with your wife’s
business that started in the
basement. You’ve definitely
extended my own horizons.
Meaning, that if I could just
do a small portion of what you’ve
accomplished, I’d be most
satisfied. 8)
I’d seriously like to one day
overtake Google at its own TOP
position for the single word
“keyword” — as right now, is holding steady
on the first page at the #10
spot right now, but I highly
doubt they’d want me to thwart
that position. 😆
I truly enjoyed Meg Awtrey’s
presentation, Ken Gidden’s daughter,
and having searched even deeper
for Ken’s stuff, and located
McCarthy’s audio from Ken’s
first Internet Marketing
presentation. That should be
a great addition to add to the
collection of all the 23 MP3’s
I’ll be getting from the Seminar.
Shoot man, had I figured out I
would have spent over $5,000 on
other people’s products, I could
have shortcut my time and
frustration by at least half
the time. (No doubt!)
I think you know that you’ve
arrived when UPS starts parking
a semi trailer at your 7,000 sq.
ft. warehouse. Enjoy the glow!
Anyways, I’ve foamed off at the
mouth enough and the emails
are still backed up here.
Jim Morris – Founder
I was so excited when I got back to home base, I came back and produced a 21-minute video as a special contribution to Sherman’s to take your blogging power one step further. For those that attended the seminar, I’d like to share that video here…
Check out the video as it will be taken down soon while NicheBOT migrates into its next phase… Version 2.0. We’ve beefed up architecture and infrastructure and services to an enterprise level.
Peace all!
Jim Morris – Founder
P.S. Please do not mind that PR10 on the NicheBOT’s home page — that is essentially a glitch and we are in contact with the Big “G” to make sure they somehow flush the backlinks that got entangled with our own. But it would be nice to keep that page rank since there are only 152 web pages with a Page Rank of 10 in the entire world. 😀

You really outdid yourself. All of the speakers were really fantastic and quite helpful in the information they shared. Jim

The Seminar was amazing. Every other internet marketing seminar out there that I know of only talks about the tactics of how to make money on the internet. The system actually gave you the meat and potatoes needed to build an actual Business using the internet as a way to interact with your customers. This will result in so much more money for me in the long run with less effort.
In the real world, businesses in brick and mortor places can actually be sold when they turn a profit. Using only the tactics most other internet seminars teach to make money on the net cannot be sold as a business. Plus you have to keep updating and changing those tactics to continue making money.
When building a real business like the System taught, it is much easier to keep the money flowing in.
Plus the system also taught all the other great tactics to make money on the net, with your business. Wonderful.
I would encourage everyone to attend a System Training, even if they have been to other internet marketing Seminars.
Jamie Fettig

This seminar was extremely informative – and enjoyable. I’m expecting the information I got at this years seminar to make a major positive financial impact in my business.
Highlights: Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins, just like last year, presented a barrage of valuable information. I can think of several small pieces of information from their presentations that I believe will pay for the seminar many times over. Declan Dunn and Dave Taylor also were each worth the time and cost of the entire seminar.
Not only did I meet some great people, I learned a lot of valuable things from lectures I didn’t even attend, by being briefed by attendees I had never met before! As has been said in other’s comments, meeting the other attendees was one of the biggest benefits of the seminar.
Someone smart once said something to me that I haven’t forgotten. “The person at the top of any organization will generally determine the entire character of that organization.” Ken McCarthy was in at the start of the Internet when there was a strong community orientation, and it is evident in this seminar that he still subscribes to that set of values. Everything in the System seminar, from the speakers, to the content, to the attendees shows this influence. It is a bunch of great people helping each other build great things.
I’ve been to a different seminar, one that could be reasonably categorized as a “pitchfest”, (something that the System Seminar is NOT) and I enjoyed that too. The person who organized that one was a very bright, likable guy, who delivered a good seminar. But anyone who met this person would immediately recognize that this was a man who could sell snow to eskimos, and *would*. Now that is a impressive feat, but one gets the impression when meeting Ken or hearing him talk that he is quite a different type of person. He might be able to figure out how to sell snow to eskimos, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t something he’d be interested in doing. He’s motivated by making a positive difference in people’s lives – and livelihoods. (The word “people” here refers not just to marketers but all businesses, customers, and Internet users generally.) And that makes the System Seminar valuable in more ways than just financially.
Joe Orr

Ken, Thanks! for completely over delivering with The System Seminar 2006! Your love and care for completely and properly educating your students in Internet Marketing showed through exponentially.
Imagine an internet marketing seminar where 23 of the world’s top professionals give their all in individual breakout sessions to an audience of 300 thoroughly prepared students and then, whenever the instructors are free, they attend one of the ongoing presentations. No one wanted to miss out on anything. It was that good. Yes, The System Seminar is truly the Harvard University of Internet Marketing Seminars.

This was my third System Seminar and there is a reason why I keep returning. Ken’s System originally exposed me to all the possibilities that this medium can offer. Ironically, it was only 2 links that originally brought me to him. Much of what I feel has been expressed in the posts above. The collective minds, energy and insight that are always present at this event is consistently inspiring. The power that we all have when we can connect in this way truly has the possibility to make major changes in the world our children will grow up in. I am glad that Ken’s represents the potential that all of this has to offer. His ability to bring a group together that is both eclectic and highly knowledgeable is uncanny.

In my opinion, these few days were more valuable than a 4 year degree in terms of showing you how to not only make a great living, but how to really own your life.

The System was superb but the real value apart from the faculty and the other attendees was the Friday System Club Members Meeting.
David Bullock was outstanding and really set the tone for the whole weekend.
I was too impatient to wait for the MP3 so bought the cd roms of Dave Dee,Sydney,Meg and the Advice Panel to listen on the plane back to UK.
I now cannot wait to hear the other 20 odd presentations.
Here’s to System 2007 and meeting up with some good friends
And Conrad – you’re a sick man but I’m still laughing from your filthy jokes!
All the best
Simon Connor

Ken: This was my 4th system event and the best so far! The faculty was outstanding and so many top specialists in their respective fields!It was great to see that you brought back top people from previous years. All of them were so helpful and open to questions and getting to know them better. It all started friday for system club members only where Dave Bullock,Declan Dunn, Rob Goyette and Mitch Axelrod gave the members their money’s worth I felt with their sessions! If I had gone home then it was worth it!Ideas to put into action! Great networking with old and new friends friday night!
The weekend breakout sessions were truly awesome with many ahah moments including Dave Taylor’s Blog session and Dave Dee’s marketing session and Robert Middleton’s group ideas! Not one faculty session disappointed me and in fact exceeded expectations! For example I truly was torn saturday afternoon on where to go with the quality of Brad Fallon,Declan Dunn,Sydney Johnston,Elsom Eldridge and Dan Janal and Meg Awtrey all speaking at the same time. I went to Declan’s outstanding workshop on Podcasting and talked with his partner Jody ahead of time which was as valuable as the session itself! I got to purchase Meg’s session that I listened to in car on way home from the airport at midnight and it was incredibly helpful. Such a tribute to Ken Giddens with her talent and insight! I couldn’t sleep! I sat with Elsom Eldridge on the plane ride home so the system seminar continued on the way to Orlando! Life changing information when put into action!
Can’t wait to hear the sessions I missed as great feedback from those folks that were in those sessions. Too much to cover here other than to say “Thank You” to you and your staff for a quality weekend with old friends and new who have impacted my life online and offline! Well worth the investment and much greater return! I would say to new folks don’t miss the next one if there is one! For those who have attended one in the past, don’t miss the next one as they only get better and better and the information presented was for advanced people as well as the newbie with the different breakout sessions available!

As Ken said when he closed System 2006: Thank God for the Internet! And, I would like to add, Thank God, also, for Ken and for The System!
I am as always totally flattered and honored to be a part of such an esteemed event. I enjoy every one — and I am completely in awe of Ken’s dedication to quality and integrity.
I’ve been online since before there WAS a publicly accessible Web, and have personally generated more than $25 million in sales — still, I always come away from The System loaded up with notes, new ideas, new directions … and new ways to generate even MORE sales in the year ahead.
This was the BEST System seminar yet! Here’s to a bigger, better System 2007!

The Systems Seminar this year was incredible.
To just say “informative” does not begin to articulate what The System experience is all about.
These are real people with real businesses sharing their proven practices that are profitable.
I met people who are doing it and not just talking about it. I have been online since 1993. But most of my sales experience is in the offline marketplace. I can tell when the person talking is not walking his talk and providing real value.
As this was my first time attending this seminar, it is the one meeting that I will make sure to attend again. This gathering has pulled all of the knowledge together so that I can move to action both online and offline.
No theory. Pure facts.
“Look at this site…”
“I use this tool…”
“Oh give me a call about that next week…”
The networking was incredible and everyone was very willing to share.
Meg Awtrey presentation on how to monetize your website was exactly what I needed to see.
Robert Middleton’s presentation about creating action plans created new ways for me to think.
And, I had the chance to meet the real experts like Elsom Eldridge, Jr. (Author – The Obvious Expert) who was sitting next to me at lunch and shared one tip that should net me at least $500,000 in the next 12 months.
All weekend long, I was talking to people who are willing to work with me to create real value in the marketplace.
This by far was one of the most informative and valuable seminars to attend on subject of internet marketing and online business development.
I come away with a workable plan not just stories of success from others but tactics to create even greater success for myself.
Thanks Ken for taking the time to put this event together.
See you next year,
David Bullock

Where to start? Oh my goodness!
Dave Taylor, Amazing!
Sherman Hu, Fantastic!
Meg Awtrey, Incredible!
Mitch Axelrod, one simple eye opening thing I learned from his presentation has my customers in a feeding frenzy, and all I did was enhance the EXPERIENCE!
After hours networking, Priceless!
Anyone that has never been to The System, or any marketing seminar is really missing out.
The only problem is that there is only one of me and it will take a while to implement each and everything I learned over the jam packed weekend.
Thanks Ken.
Scot Standke

The System Seminar organized by Ken McCarthy has the reputation for being content-driven, instead of pitch-focused.
This is the primary reason why I agreed to speak at The System for the first time when Ken invited me to join the faculty this year.
And my experience at The System lives up to its reputation!
Declan and Jody’s stories from teaching blogging and podcasting to business owners in China broadened my vision for my own business operations.
Dave Taylor’s blogging session inspired me to fine tune my business’ unique identity, differentiation and value to the community.
He also encouraged me to look beyond tactics, and focus on the long-term impact of being a thought/opinion leader in my space.
Marc Harty’s 7 Step Formula in his Web PR workshop revealed how good PR can effectively lift a business out of mediocrity to great heights.
Declan/Jody + Dave + Marc has my mind spinning with possibilities for my current and future businesses.
But that’s not all…
The team of volunteers that served during the weekend were incredible.
They gave of themselves wholeheartedly in putting the speakers and attendees’ needs before theirs.
Thanks to John, Janeen, Bettina, Christina, Tatiana, and any others I have not mentioned here. Gracias!
Finally, to the attendees (including my Backstage Members) that came up to say ‘Hi’ in the hallways, at my trade show booth, and who attended my workshop – U ROCK!
Thanks for making my weekend – your support and encouragement have been invaluable! Keep on P.I.M.Ping!
And finally, thank you Ken, for your warm hospitality, vision for The System and taking such great care of me over the weekend! U ROCK!
ps. American Airlines finally found my luggage on the last day – whew! Yay!

Thanks Ken!
I studied the “Smart Beginners Course” before attending “The System” 2006. The course helped me to keep up and stay focused on the high quality content the faculty was putting out. I left the seminar very inspired and have already started to implement new ideas.
I would highly recommend the “Smart Beginners Course” and “The System” to anybody looking to improve their internet marketing skills.
Thanks again,
Paul Langevin

Ken and Company have again put on a super conference. It all takes a tremendous effort with a lot of worrying about success thrown in. Not to worry now, Ken. The Conference was super, well done, well orchestrated and stuffed full of good and latest information.
One of my concerns was that I wanted to attend every session. That wasn’t possible at the conference, but now I can attend all those sessions via the DVD that includes all the taped sessions. Thanks for making that great opportunity available to us.
This blurb is a bit late because I grew up in the Chicago area and visited with friends and relatives before heading back to California.
This eighty year old is now a bit wiser, better acquainted with Internet Marketing and am raring to go along with the rest of you. My golden retirement years will now be blessed as I help others obtain what they want.
Retired Aeronautical Design Engineer. Former Navy All Weather, Night Fighter Pilot.
P.S. This getting started with a new Internet Marketing Business is exciting. Setting up my URL is high on my “to do” list.

Who needs an airplane when you can fly home on the wings of the System Seminar? The “altitude” of this weekend will keep me flying high for years to come.
This was a game changing event, and a life chaning experience for me. I’ve done 3,000 talks and attended 2,000 seminars as a speaker and student, and few have the integrity, quality, diversity, humility, comraderie and REAL VALUE as the System Seminar.
I love that there were NO Gurus and no big egos.
I learned as much speaking to attendees as listening to the speakers. And WOW, were there speakers. Thank you all for contributing so much, so graciously, so generously.
I love that there were beginners and veterans and you couldn’t know who was who.
I love that Ken created an experience where everyone talked to everyone and nobody felt awkward or left out.
I love that speakers were so visible, open and willing to share anything and everything without holding back. That’s rare in this day and age.
I predicted that Internet marketing will be misperceived in a few years like Network marketing is today.
If there is one group that can elevate the Internet marketing game, it’s the growing System Seminar community.
If there is one man who can lead the NEW Game of Internet Marketing™, I put my faith in Ken McCarthy.
Ken, thank you for an experience of a lifetime. Thank you for giving me the honor to share in it and contribute to it.
Thank you, speakers for expanding my horizons and opening up new doors of opportunity.
Most of all, THANK YOU attendees for making it all possible. YOU are the reason we do what we do.
We’re all players.
We CAN change the game.
Play it forward.
Mitch Axelrod

WOW Ken, what an awesome seminar. You absolutely have vision about where things are going, and it’s no wonder that almost every “guru” out has been to your seminar.
I was impressed by every presentation I attended and loved the ability to pick and choose the topics that were most useful to me.
Equally, if not more impressive, was the caliber of the attendees. I walked away from the seminar with no less than ten people I feel I can now call a great friend.
Ken, with respect to internet marketing, I feel we’re all in this together. And I really appreciate you for hosting these seminars each year. Thank You and keep up the great work!!!
-Rob Goyette

Hi Ken
Thank you so much!
I am so glad I made it over there. You really have taken it to a whole new level. The integrity that you bring to the often murky world of marketing education is refreshing as always, and the constant underlying themes of ‘real value, ‘real content’, and ‘real business’ are ideas that you communicate by your actions as well as by your words.
It was a real challenge to select the tracks to attend – most time-slots, I’d happily have attended all five! Fortunately, I’d given a bit of thought to what I wanted to achieve – getting a handle on blogs, web PR and SE placing, so it was a no-brainer to choose Dave Taylor, Sherman Hu, and Mark Harty. Knockout content each time! But I can’t wait to get the audios of all the presentations I missed.
– Derek.

As a new club member and one who is new to internet marketing, I don’t know where to begin to thank you, your staff, the faculty and attendees at the 2006 Systems Seminar.
I can say that I plan to make some changes in my life based on what I learned at the seminar.
And God willing, I will be in attendance next year.

After spending 20 hours sitting in a plane from Sydney; suffering jet lag, airline food, and grumpy
flight attendants…
Without hesitation, I’d do it all again tomorrow if I thought I would get as much as I did from the speakers and attendees at the 2006 System Seminar – Fantastic!!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision after initially signing up for the System Seminar, but it was well worth the investment, and many times more! It was without question better than I expected, and that’s coming from someone who had pretty high expectations to begin with.
For anyone looking to be on the cutting edge of internet marketing, THIS IS THE SEMINAR YOU NEED TO ATTEND!!!
I look forward to seeing you and the faculty again in 2007!
Eric Osansky, D.C.

System Seminar 2006 far exceeded my already-high expectations. The faculty was great, very open and transparent, with a minimum of hype. The other attendees all enjoyed networking and even advising one another unselfishly.
I won’t miss another one!

This was my 3rd System, and it was definitely the best. I admit that initially the thought crossed my mind, “Do I really need to go AGAIN…,” but thank goodness I answered myself in the affirmative.
Here are my personal highlights:
1. The attendees. The lunch meetings alone were priceless. Rubbing shoulders with faculty, rank beginners and people like me in the middle range was an incredible learning experience.
2. Faculty. Top-notch acros the board. My greatest A-Ha! moment came during Andy Jenkins’ Advanced Physical Products talk on Sunday, and Todd Talor and Meg Awtrey, both new this year, were superb. I took away something valuable from everyone I heard.
3. The absence of hard pitching. I don’t mind getting offers from genuine sources, as this year’s faculty was, but I personally hate being forced to sit through a pitch at the end of great talk. It spoils it somehow. Having the faculty and others gather Saturday night at the Trade Show and being able to approach those that I chose was great.
4. The last point touches on the issue of dignity, but I want to say that you, Ken, are what truly gives this event its dignity and preserves its integrity. Thank you,

Hi Ken!
Thank you, again, for another wonderful seminar. I learned so much and met so many wonderful people . . .the challenge is implementing all the action points I have given myself.
You have impressed me once again with an integrity filled seminar that surpassed my expectations. I expected a ton, too!
I really hope there is one next year and I will (God willing) be there. Best Regards, Kelly Muldoon

Hi everyone:
Seventy-nine is a nice round number, so I’m ending this thread here.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their impressions of System 2006.
If you’re reading this and have never been to a System Seminar – and are serious about Internet marketing – take the time to read what the grads of System 2006 have to say about their experience of our unique approach to training.
With almost no advertising (and a sales letter that’s three years old), the System Seminar sells out every year practically on word-of-mouth alone.
We don’t bribe people to attend with chances to win cars, free lunches or other nonsense.
Instead, we do the rarest thing in the Internet marketing world:
We give our students real value for their investment – without big egos, without hard sales pitches, and most of all without BS.
But you don’t have to take my word for it…
Compare our students’ success record with graduates of other programs.
No other Internet marketing education program is even in the same ballpark.
– Ken McCarthy

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