Faculty Interviews - 2009

Kim Dushinski

The coming boom in web mobile marketing

One billion people are on the Internet. 3 billion people
have cell phones. Now with the advent of smart phones,
more and more people access the web through their phones.

Is your web site ready for this?

If not, you are throwing away leads, customers, and a once-in-lifetime chance to rise to the top of your niche.

Kim, a System grad, is the author of “The Mobile Marketing Handbook”
the first practical guide to marketing to mobile devices.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Kim Dushinski – Mobile Marketing: The Next Frontier

Imagine: 95% of your messages opened…search engines
begging to list your site…3 billion potential customers
(three times the number of Internet users.)

That’s the wild, uncharted and explosively growing world
of mobile marketing.

Getting solid, actionable information on mobile marketing
is not easy. That’s why Kim, a System grad, is literally writing the book on the subject.

In this call, she reveals the names of the specific resources you need to start creating and promoting mobile web sites and other mobile services.

A System Seminar exclusive. You won’t find  this information
anywhere else.