Faculty Interviews - 2008

Tim Gorman – Big Profits from a Small Business

Tim Gorman is an active duty captain in the US Army.
Talk about a demanding job. Some days
he starts at 5 AM and isn’t home until
10 PM.

Between his job and his family,
Tim, like many people, doesn’t have
a whole lot of extra time to build a
sideline business. That’s why he’s
put a premium on simplicity and
efficiency in his Internet ventures.

So far, it’s been "mission accomplished"
and Tim has already duplicated and
surpassed his captain’s pay with
the income he gets from his very
part-time, very low management online

Tim’s speciality? I think you’ll find
it fascinating and it’s something
every Internet marketer can profit
from mightily regardless of what
you sell or what business you’re in.

(Note: this interview was conducted before System 2007)

10 replies on “Tim Gorman – Big Profits from a Small Business”

Tim is truly one of the good guys out there.
I’ve known of him and his success days from the Keyword Avalanche forum where he freely shared his methods and experiences.
You’ll learn more from one hour of Capt. Tim than you will by buying ten thousand dollars worth of ebooks!
Ken, you are a master of finding the diamonds.

Great addition to the seminar, you will be amazed by the generosity of this gentleman.
Having known and worked with Tim for close to 2 years now, you no longer have any excuse for not being able to make a living online, Tim can do it with 2-3 hours a day, what’s your excuse?
The amount of information that Tim willingly shares in my forum is second to no one.
I’m really looking forward to getting together with Tim in Chicago again.

For anybody wanting to learn “The Article Marketing System”, this is the guy that you must check out!
I’ve known him since his early affiliate marketing days on the SEO Website Builder forum and have learned many ideas from him on the Keyword Avalanche forum.
He’s been an inspiration and somebody that I highly respect.
By continually putting ideas into action, I’ve seen Tim prosper.
If you’re looking for a proven system for building an online business, Tim’s strategies are solid.
Tim, hope to see you in Chicago!

Interesting call. This call opened my eyes to refocusing what I write about for adsense revenue. The outsourcing of keywords is something I have never thought about.

Congratulations to Tim and to “The System” for this fine addition.
Outstanding information and really “in-the-trenches” know-how. He gets busy and gets it done. No excuses for not succeeding following this man’s lead.
Known of and about Tim through a couple of forums for quite a while – Nice that he is recognized.
Heads Up Everybody !! Take a lead folks and write down everything in this audio – This guy’s a winner!

Tim is Great! Thanks for all the info. Does anyone know where Tim got his layouts from on his pages within ezine articles? I’m dieing to know.

Hi Tim & Ken,
First, thanks for a great call…. Tim, your honestly is appreciated by all listeners.
Now that Goggle has jumped on “split testing web sites” with WS Optimizer, you’ll have to get busy on “Article Optimizer” – the process of split-testing articles to determine which result in the highest traffic rates.
BTW, what is the current conversion rate of potential USArmy recruits?
Thanks again for sharing your time and savvy.

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