Faculty Interviews - 2009

Timothy Seward

The secrets of online entrepreneurs who make it big

Timothy Seward is my favorite kind of Internet marketing educator.

First, he’s built and run real world businesses.

Second, he’s a true master of his topic. So much so that Google has certified him to teach on their behalf.

Third, he works with a wide variety of real world businesses, improving their conversions and profits, turning struggling businesses into winning ones and good businesses into wildly successful

If you’re using AdWords to drive traffic or even just thinking about it, you MUST listen to this interview.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Trevor Claiborne

Straight from Google headquarters

Thanks to our colleague Timothy Seward, Google has “discovered” the System.

Apparently, they liked what they saw last year because they’re coming back again this year.

Trevor Claiborne has the perfect background to advise online entrepreneurs.

He worked for a mobile marketing start up and then joined Google as an
AdWords evangelist helping spread the word about the then-new advertising
vehicle by working closely with the clients of web hosting companies and
members of local chambers of commerce all across the US.

In seven short years, Google has tested its way from being a small, but solid
company to the dominant force on the Internet and one of the most powerful
media and advertising companies on earth.

As a Google insider, Trevor has some unique insights into how they did it
and how the model Google pioneered can be successfully copied by
all businesses, large and small.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Perry Marshall

The Man

If you’re using AdWords as part of your Internet marketing strategy, odds are you either learned it from Perry, from one of his students or from any of the hundreds of people who’ve “borrowed” from his insights and research to create their courses.

But Perry is a lot more than one of the world’s leading AdWords experts. He is a savvy sharp direct marketer who’s at the center of one of the sharpest brain trusts on earth.

On this wild and wooly wide ranging call Perry and I talk about the big
challenges Internet marketers face today, how to overcome them, and – towards the end of the call – a dead simple way to double your income and strengthen your business practically overnight.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

James Martell

SEO the easy way

James, a former house builder, celebrates his tenth year in Internet
marketing this year.

In that time, he’s not only built several substantial businesses
for himself as an affiliate, he’s helped hundreds of other people
do the same.

Affiliate marketing is as close to a “pure” play in Internet marketing as you can get. You never handle product or customer service so your focus is entirely on getting traffic and converting visitors. Because of this, top affiliate marketers like James have great insight into what works and what doesn’t in online marketing.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Kim Dushinski

The coming boom in web mobile marketing

One billion people are on the Internet. 3 billion people
have cell phones. Now with the advent of smart phones,
more and more people access the web through their phones.

Is your web site ready for this?

If not, you are throwing away leads, customers, and a once-in-lifetime chance to rise to the top of your niche.

Kim, a System grad, is the author of “The Mobile Marketing Handbook”
the first practical guide to marketing to mobile devices.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Gauher Chaudhry

More leads, more money

Do you need a product to make big money on the Internet?

Yes, but it’s doesn’t have to be your own. Not only that, you don’t have to sell anything – you just have to get traffic and get people to fill out simple, short forms.

It’s called CPA – “cost per action” – and for years it’s been a well kept secret. While everyone else has been knocking themselves out selling eBooks and searching for the “ideal” niche, traffic brokers have been raking it in simply by sending people to other people’s web sites.

It’s a fascinating field and Gauher is one of the masters of it.

In this call we talk about the “ins and outs” of one of the most important
skills in Internet marketing no matter what you sell: lead generation

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Sean D’Souza

How to generate lots of high quality opt-ins

Sean was one of our most popular speakers last year
and we’re very lucky to have lured him back this year all the way from his home in New Zealand.

Sean has developed a very thorough and detailed system
for building and growing information marketing businesses.

He’s found a way to grow his business without SEO, without pay-per-click, without joint ventures and without paying affiliate commissions.

It’s a simple system that generates lots of revenue and allows for lots of time for leisure.

In this call, Sean and I focus on one of the keystones of his system: how to generate lots of high quality opt-ins.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Dr. Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson

More money from every click

What happens when you combine a rocket scientist with an Internet marketer?

You get one of the best conversion agencies on earth.

One of only a few Google-certified advisors based outside the US, specializes in showing businesses of all kinds how to get more money – a lot more money –
from their traffic through better conversion.

One thing though. To work personally with Karl and Ben your business needs to be doing at least $10 million a year in sales.

Karl and Ben were stars at our UK Intensive in London and I asked them to make the long trip and join our All-Star faculty in London.

On this call they share the low cost, and sometimes even free, methods they use to boost their clients’ profits and bust some of the “guru” myths about what it really takes to succeed in Internet marketing.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Kim Dushinski – Mobile Marketing: The Next Frontier

Imagine: 95% of your messages opened…search engines
begging to list your site…3 billion potential customers
(three times the number of Internet users.)

That’s the wild, uncharted and explosively growing world
of mobile marketing.

Getting solid, actionable information on mobile marketing
is not easy. That’s why Kim, a System grad, is literally writing the book on the subject.

In this call, she reveals the names of the specific resources you need to start creating and promoting mobile web sites and other mobile services.

A System Seminar exclusive. You won’t find  this information
anywhere else.