Faculty Interviews - 2008

Ross Goldberg – Traffic from Social Media: The Right Way

Three years ago, Ross Goldberg fell into a coma
for ten days.

When he woke up from it, he’d learned
that an Internet promotion he’d launched before he
went under had made him $1,000 while he
was comatose.

Then just a "newbie," this extraordinary experience
made a big impression on him and he decided to
take Internet marketing very seriously.

One of the rising stars of the legitimate Internet
marketing world, Ross is a world class expert
of marketing with social media.  Heavy hitters
like Mike Filsaime call on him for
his advice.

In this interview, ROSS lets some major secrets
out of the bag…including one at the end that
absolutely blew my mind on how to get top
position on YouTube.

He also gives away his personal list of over
100 social media sites that can be used to drive
massive amounts of targeted, qualified traffic
to your sites. I know one group that only makes
a list like this available to people who get their
multi-thousand dollar program.

And Ross gives it away for free on this call!

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I have to say it’s surprising to see Ross Golberg on here. In case you weren’t aware, Ross recently posted a pretty outrageous video on youtube that came to the defense of his friend Howie Schwartz. The video included a picture of a pile of excrement ontop of the stompernet logo. In addition, he went on to bash Don Crowther, Brad Fallon, and Andy Jenkins in the video. Street-level marketing is ok, but I find him to be pretty unprofessional, as evidenced by the stompernet bashing video.
I hate to say it, but knowing Ross Goldberg’s reputation makes me think a little less of the unknown faculty members of the System Seminar. It’s a shame cause I was considering going this year.

Thanks for your comments. I wasn’t aware of this video until you pointed it out.
That being said, I have to point out a few things that diminish the credibility of your post – in my eyes at least.
First, you say that ONE action by ONE faculty member is enough reason to deprive yourself of the benefits of attending the longest running and most effective Internet marketing training in history.
If you’re serious, that seems a little
Second, you describe the video, but don’t tell people where to see it. That’s a bit suspect to me.
Third, I don’t agree with your description of this video.
For one thing, the video plays Mr. Crowther’s exact comments about Howie Schwartz. “Polite” and silver-tongues as they may be, Mr. Crowther’s remarks about Mr. Schwartz’s work are disingenuous as best. That’s a polite word for “dishonest.” He literally pulls numbers out of this air.
For another thing, not only does Mr. Goldberg not say anything untrue about Stompernet, he specifically says complimentary things about its founders.
Fourth, you say “knowing something about Ross Goldberg’s reputation makes me think a little less of other unknown faculty members of the System.”
Here is a short list of the unknowns who’ve spoken at the System Seminar over the years:
John Reese, Yanik Silver, Alex Mandossian, Jeff Walker, Mike Stewart, Ed Dale…and on and on. Anyone who is concerned about the “unknowns” that I give a chance to is either not aware of or not paying attention to reality.
Further, your statement implies that beyond this video Mr. Goldberg posted which you don’t like, he has a bad reputation. What that reputation is and what you base your statement on, you don’t say, but you do manage to smear him quite effectively. It makes me question your motivations.
Here’s the deal:
Mr. Crowther pushed and Mr. Goldberg, on behalf of his friend Mr. Schwartz, pushed back.
Would I do it the way Mr. Goldberg did it? No.
Would I have recommended this particular response to Mr. Crowther’s comments? No.
Would I recommend other people follow this particular example? No.
On the other hand, it’s hard for me to criticize someone who publicly calls someone on their BS in the cause of standing up for a friend.
By the way, I’ve seen Dan Kennedy and others use the same “graphic” Mr. Goldberg used to make a point.
Not my particular cup of tea, but we’re all adults and no one has to read or watch anything they don’t want to.
Finally, I’d encourage Mr. Crowther and others to rethink their strategy of trying to sell their services by overtly and covertly misstating the accomplishments of other people.
Mr. Goldberg does have a reputation. It’s for being very effective at what he does. In fact, it’s more than a reputation. You can see the results of his work in the real world.
Last word on this:
People come to this site to learn how to start and grow their businesses, not to engage in petty politics.
I’m leaving your post up in spite of the fact I have a lot of problems with the accuracy of it, but from here on out, I am declaring this a politics free zone.
Any comments that are not related to starting and growing Internet-based businesses will be removed.

Your professionalism shines bright in the deftness and civility shown in crucifying naysayer Jim Dunne. (Your valued marketing tips speak well of you as well lol. Priority 2008 goal is earning enough to join you in 2009 wherever it may be held. You lead by integrity, Sir!!
Your bottom line of “Any comments not related to starting or growing online businesses will be removed” is succinct and welcomed by all of us here to learn…..not burn!

I’ll add a couple of comments here as well…
The main one being…my guess is that Mr. Dunne has never met Ross Goldberg. I had the pleasure of doing so last Sept. at WIME in San Francisco.
My experience in the more than several hours that we interacted allows me to make the following observations:
1. Ross has a bit of a “street” edge to him. After I learned about where he came from in life and what he has been through, I found that he has apparently “mellowed” with age! lol…Yes, he has a style but it is no act. It’s who he is.
2. The Ross Goldberg I met took the time to go out of his way to introduce me to as many people as he could. This had an immediate impact on my business and resulted in relationships that are growing even today.
3. He also recognized that there was a very high percentage of absolute newbies at the event and took the initiative to organize a “meeting” where he personally gathered as many experts in various fields into a room grouped at tables by expertise and we all spent a couple of hours helping as many people as we could.
3. While I probably would not have used the same tactic that Ross did in the video, I think Ken’s point of defending his friend brings up another impression I got about Ross…he is fiercely loyal to his family and friends.
I’d have to say that, in my humble opinion, Ross is one of the most genuine, honest, and sincerely helpful folks I’ve met in the industry. Oh…and he IS really good at what he does.
I’m proud to call him my friend and I’d jump up and go “Goldberg” in his defense any ‘ole time!
I guess I just did! LOL…
Jim, no disrespect to you intended at all…just wanted to give some additional information for all who may sometimes think that a “reputation” is always correct.
Lon Naylor

Thanks for your all-American treatment of free speech. I appreciate your objective and thorough reply – evidence of a good teacher.

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