What Grads have to say about the System

What I learned at System 2007

It’s amazing how many people have posted to the Internet speculating what goes on at the annual System Seminar.

I asked attendees of the recently completed System 2007 – our best event yet – what they thought about the return on their invesment.

Here’s what they said…

26 replies on “What I learned at System 2007”

Dear Ken –
I’m sitting in the airport having just completed System 2007 and wanted to
send you my impressions. As a way of reintroduction, I am the college professor from Montclair State University who threw away the book.
First, as this is my first Internet marketing seminar ever (as an attendee) I want to compliment you on the excellent program. The faculty were all top notch. As good as they are, I have to say that the attendees are even better. I met a ton of intelligent people. My main surprise was how nice everyone was – I was expecting a bunch of hard driving entrepreneurs.
Second, a few thoughts about the sessions I attended. The sessions were Mark Harty on PR, Sydney Johnson,Tim Gorman, and Lloyd Irvin (I am leaving one session out – see below). All were excellent, but I want to especially mention Sydney and, of
course Lloyd.
Sydney’s approach to generating leads from eBay was a real lightbulb moment (you mean I can get paid to get the leads…). Of course Lloyd is an absolute force of nature. You just have to experience him.
Finally, I wanted to talk about the session with Kim Castle. I can honestly say that when I went through the program to figure out which sessions to attend – hers was at the bottom of my list.
As a very analytical person it seemed too soft for me. I don’t believe in fate, but as I began making my way around the room during Fri. night’s networking event, I happened to wind up in a group that was speaking to Kim. I thought I would stay for a minute and then move on to the more analytical faculty. Well, I never made it. The group and I spoke with Kim for about 3 hours.
Her session was absolutely transformational in terms of life and business. She was able to cut through all of the Internet marketing clutter and get the audience to focus on their core business. But the really transformational moment was her ability to help the audience align their business goals (brand) with what they like to do in life. Please have her back in the future. Wow!
I am looking forward to the Systems Club events and to System 2008. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help.
Ross Malaga

Hi Ken …WOW! This is my 4th System and the best EVER!
Why?…this is the year the classes were the most detailed (content rich) AND PRACTICAL. I walked away with REAL processes that the presenters have executed
that have made them money…AND just as important…processes that I can implement immediately!
It was that combined with the character examples of Lloyd and Tim Gorman…the discipline and focus by which they live their lives have gotten them incredible results. It was VERY clear that I needed that lesson as well!
Bottom line…you can have a head full of info…but w/o the will and tenacity to use it…not worth very much! I still have Lloyd in my head saying..”take massive immediate action.” That’s exactly what I’ve been doing.
The System for me this year?…LIFE CHANGING!

Hi Ken, this is my second System Seminar. Great faculty and what a set of breakout sessions. Darn it, I couldn’t go to all of them. But I did make sure to order the CD. If I’d of only gone to one session the conference would have paid for itself.
At last year’s System Seminar I discovered an entire new traffic building technique that netted me over $60,000 in new business.
So it was with great expectations that I attended this year’s event. And I’m not disappointed.
First, I discovered an entire new methodology of managing products and websites and more that will make new businesses a breeze for me to implement.
Secondly, I made several critical contacts which result in key alliances over the next several months. Each of these alliances will enable me to either achieve objectives planned or build new streams of income.
Thirdly, I learned how to develop certain traffic streams beyond my current level.
Fourth, I gained more harmony and balance in my life and work implementations. The discussions and interaction with professionals engaged in similar businesses and lives is outstanding. The sharing of information, ideas, enthusiasm and support is unquestionably a hallmark feature of this conference.
Systems is without a doubt the single richest, meaningful and progressive business seminar I attend annually. The leaders of our direct marketing industry are here, the leaders of tomorrow are born here.
Two quotes will remain with me throughout as a reminder of this year’s event.
“No one gets rich alone.”
“We do not train to be average.”
Now replenished, I’m off to 2008 with my challenges, strategies, knowledge, training, tools and a team of supportive professionals.

This was my third System seminar and each one exceeds the last one. How do you do it? This year helped me bring things together to the point where I can really see how I can not only grow my business, but do it in a significant way.
Many speakers helped me put this all together. It’s hard to say just one did it, but they built on each other. Meg Awetry opened my eyes BIG time on monetization methods for your site. Even though I may have heard of some of these, she shared some ideas which had my head spinning.
Sherman Hu’s special handout laid out the path for building large volumes of traffic using blogs. His graphically handout will make it simple for me and my partner to develop our own system to drive the targeted traffic we need to test out our sites.
Chris Moreno helped me better understand the process of putting together physical product sites. It is not just the site building, but the continued link building and article/content development.
Lloyd Irwin put fire in my belly to go out and make it happen, but to focus on the basics. He showed me that the special programs are not what will make me successful. I cannot tell you the difference that has made already this week.
David Bullock re-enforced the basics on asking the question WHY?
Combining all of these has pushed me into a high level of action I was not aware I could do. It is amazing what I have been able to see now that I never saw before. I have always been excited about the opportunity there is selling things via the Internet, but the System 2007 pulled back the veil. I must say that Thank You doesn’t quite seem enough. The System Seminar is the place to be if one wants to stay at the forefront of this industry. It even opens the door of the bigger offline market which most Internet Marketing seminars overlook.
I plan to be at the System 2008 to share my success with you and others who may be starting out.

Dear Ken: I approached you on the last day to have you sign a copy of your book: “System Secrets.”
The book is a gem of marketing wisdom that I’ve re-read several times. It think it’s destined to become a marketing classic. One concept has already made a least one System Club member a millionaire. Traffic + Conversion = Profits. Llyod Irvin, not exactly the shy and retiring type drove this point home in both his presentations.
The true value of each System Seminar (my third) is the fact that they are “one-time” events providing state of the art, cutting edge information and training.
These are not cookie cutter events with the speakers hocking the wares at the back of the room. Your model fosters a collaberative learning environment that can not be replicated if the organizer is simply profit driven. Yes, you could fill more seats, give away laptops, allow boxes of books and tapes to be sold at the “back of the room,” but you, I think, have choosen a model of traning that is not being copied because it is too much work and not as profitable as the other seminar business models. For this I’m thankful since that is were the true value lies.
These events are dynamic and transformative. The faculty, students and your staff all made themselves available to discuss and share their ideas and feedback.
I want to thank again Ann Convery and the simple but powerful questions she asks. They completely transformed the event for me. Her presentation on Friday stripped away alot of confusion about a troubling business challange for me. She was also gracious in her time speaking with me.
The real value at the System is the learning that takes place “outside of the classroom.” Your personal educational style fosters this critical and collaberative environment and makes these seminars instant classics. Thank You.

Dear Ken,
Great seminar…..As YOU know I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana. I’d like to First of all Thank YOU for all your kind support and Contributions that you’ve Blessed New Orleans with, we sure do appreciate the LOVE 🙂
Now for the seminar…… Personally, I had some the BIGGEST takeaways to date that have ever come from a seminar! This was my first Systems and as a result of the stellar presenters and speakers, my business will be on track for the BIGGEST PAYDAYS to date. I’ve TOTALLY reconditioned the way I’m negotiating deals and doing business. After several chats w/ Lloyd Irvine, David Bullock, Glenn Livingston, Kim Castle, Dave Taylor and several other key note speakers I’m now heading to the BIG leagues and I’m LOVING IT!!!!!!!
21 days before loosing everything in Hurricane Katrina I set off on a brand new business venture, brokering Joint Ventures. After the storm I traveled from city to city homeless brokering JV’s out of my uninsured car, hotel rooms, and from the many Starbucks I frequented, I’m super great full to be on track to reach the BIGGEST dreams of all my times……***FINANCIAL FREEDOM & more time with my BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER***
Thank YOU putting together the Systems seminar this year and a special Thanks for supporting my city….NEW ORLEANS!!
God Bless,
Chad Mac

Hi Ken,
Well this is my third System Seminar and I have to say that each seminar I become more and more hooked with all of your teachings. I really couldn’t ask for a better mentor, teacher and friend than you. With all of the concepts, skills and techniques that you and teachers through The System have taught me, I have started my own systematic business in which I can live anywhere in the world and I make money whether I am working or sleeping.
I have learned how to run my business (in order to not trade time for money) and the tactical skills on how to get there.
Because of you, Ken, I met Perry Marshall, who taught me all the skills I needed to know about running extremely successful Google Adwords Campaigns for my clients.
Your brilliance in discovering new trends in the market and finding people that are executing the trends “in the real world business trenches,” marvels me. I am forever grateful for your time and effort to find us business owners the new cutting edge that will keep us ahead of our competition. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have you to help keep me abreast of my industry.
The System 2007 was intense. There was so much I wanted to learn and I was able to. Now, there is so much I want to implement, it is frightening. I always come back re-focused and energized to bring in new business and try new tactics.
It truly is one of the weekends I look forward to all year. And this year was no exception.
I started my entire business because of the System. Being at the System and subsequently a part of the System Club has single handedly gotten me to the point in my business that I am today. All the skills and information that I learned at The System has catapulted my career and business to where it is today.
I was on my own and supporting myself 3 months after the first System Seminar I attended. Thank you, Ken.
Your integrity, passion, vision and persistence continues to inspire me. Thank you so much.
Kelly Muldoon

It is four days since I left the seminar and one idea I got there has already helped me close three visitors that were ready to leave my site, (and those three deals covered my seminar costs). I am busy on the rest of my todo list that all the speakers and many attendees contributed to.
I would write more, but I am afraid Lloyd is going to show up at my door and kick my tail for wasting time. Thanks!

Firstly well done on The System 2007.
I am probably one of the very few who can understand just what it takes to put on an event of this magnitude, after staging our internet event in Australia in 2004.
I met some truly amazing people and this is the entire reason for my attendance -the networking.
The System brings the best out in people, not just because of the content that is delivered, but by way of the environment that is created.

This was actually my first time speaking without selling or pitching anything … and I found it was a wonderful experience.
Not only did the seminar attendees appreciate the pure content (and being able to relax their guards), but it seemed to foster a like-kind trade amongst the other speakers, which, in the end, resulted in my learning more than I might have otherwise expected. (I’ve been around a while … it’s getting HARD for me to learn at these things!)
I made many new friends, both powerful and loving … and had a chance to spend time with old chronies.
I hope to see you all next year 🙂

Kudos to Ken for assembling a tremendous group of speakers for this year’s event! Whether you were an info marketer or in the enterprise space, you were treated to fresh, new ideas and solid strategies for marketing success.
The teachers in this space tend to be out on the cutting edge – testing and refining strategies and tools that provide all of us measurable benefit. That’s tremendously useful to small to medium sized businesses who can’t afford to risk precious marketing resources on unproven tactics.
And many thanks to Ken for having Dave Taylor speak on Work-Life Balance. So many people mentioned that they needed to hear that information to give themselves permission to work toward their own goals instead of working tirelessly only for money’s sake.
More than the training, I met incredible people during the networking opportunities. It truly is an event that enables you to get up close and personal with the faculty and with other attendees to get as much out of the three days as you can.
Use the information from The System wisely and we’ll see you on stage next year!

During my flight home late Friday after attending my first System Seminar, I reflected on everything I learned. I went over my notes and filled in the blanks with everything I could remember.
It struck me that what I learned in just two sessions will make a huge difference in my business. What Sherman Hu and Tim Gorman taught contains some truly powerful organic traffic generation concepts. Because I can see several ways to implement these methods when I write copy and consult with clients,I believe they’ll see huge differences in response in their businesses too.
And that doesn’t even count everything I learned from the other sessions taught by John Carlton and Perry Marshall. I can’t wait for the MP3s of the sessions I couldn’t attend. I’ll be listening and filling out my notes on the sessions I attended.
Only then I’ll let myself listen and learn from the rest I didn’t get to see in person.
Beyond that, I met some incredibly talented smart people. I really enjoyed meeting these folks and learned a lot in the process. I think the networking was just as valuable as the sessions.
Keep up the good work and thank you for making sure we got great value from attending.
I’ll be back next year. See you there.

Dear Ken,
This was my first year at The System Seminar! I was completely blown away by the quantity of information I received in each session. The quality of the speakers were simply amazing.
Dave Taylor astonished me with over 8 full pages of notes that I can use to improve traffic and sustainability to my blog. There were so many nuggets of information in that hour and a half that it will take me months to implement it all. He didn’t just go over the fundamentals, but went really in depth with tips for those who know a little bit about the the internet. Dave has sat at the table with the Board of Directors of Google, so he enlightened us with tips on how to get Google to look at our sites effectively. Fantastic! His advise on a working method was very realistic and hopefully showed some people that the Internet is not a get rich quick scheme. I’ve implemented a few of his tips already this past week after The System. They are like seeds I am sure to watch germinate over the past few months.
While Dave Taylor was great at showing us the fundamentals of blogging and the specifics of commenting on other blogs, Sherman Hu gave us a System that will increase traffic on our blogs! Amazing! So now I have all the specifics as well as the big picture that I need to increase traffic to my blog! Brilliant! These sessions were back to back too, which really enforces the attendee to learn effectively.
The System this year was a complete success in my eyes. I learned so much from the speakers, since I was given the opportunity for one on one interaction with them. The level of networking in between the sessions was mind blowing.
Certainly worth coming back another year! I highly recommend The System Seminar to anybody who wants to get anything out of their business.

Another action packed System Seminar by Ken McCarthy and your very capable faculty and crew!
The speakers/faculty continue to amaze me each year. Ken you have this fantastic knack of ferreting out people doing business on the net who are flying under the radar for the most part, but who are truly making a very successful living online.
Not only that, but the ones you bring all seem to be great speakers/teachers who are willing to give the step by step instruction for getting things done in their area of expertise. No presentation followed by… “and you can buy my product to get the complete answer to…”.
Are there products available? Yes. Do you feel compelled to buy to get an answer? Absolutely not. The content and attitude are awesome.
What were the Highlights This Year?
How about Lloyd Irvin? WOW. This guy rocks. I’ve made more progress on my newest project after hearing Lloyd speak that I’m embarrased to say how little I’d done in comparison before that.
Sydney Johnston on an unusual source of lead generation that most of the world is missing, which is great for those of us who saw her. My attendance in her session was totally by mistake, but I was so mesmerized with what she was showing us that I couldn’t leave.
Ari Galper with a great way of finding out exactly what your clients want without having to poke, pry or apply old school hard sell tactics.
Kim Castle and BrandU was an absolute knockout and she was even prettier in person than on her website.
David Bullock, Meg Awtrey, Sherman Hu, even you Ken. The list goes on.
That’s another cool thing about the new System Seminar… there are breakout sessions all day long so you can pick and choose what suits you best. Wait – you don’t even have to miss the other sessions, because you’re having them all professionally recorded.
Before the most recent System seminar, I was sitting down thinking about the upcoming event, the traveling I was going to have to do, and I started daydreaming. Why was I going back to the System for the 4th time. I didn’t want to travel, or leave my kids at home for an extended period of time and airports and airplanes are just lousy germ ridden cattle movers. But then..
all of a sudden my daydream blur sort of crystallized and I started to see more clearly. In a moment of razor sharp focus I realized that my most recent success in one of my businesses came from something I picked up at The System event two years ago.
In fact, an entire flood of memories washed over my feeble little mind and I started to see a spider web of connections from various System teachers and events that I hadn’t even noticed how I’d incorporated over time.
Without a doubt Ken, you and the System Seminar are worth many times over the fee to attend. You’re always so willing to continue to improve the events and faculty and are truly genuine in wanting to help.
I look at the top gun lineup of speakers and am truly thankful for the quality of people and information you’ve managed to provide.
I’ll keep going as long as you continue to offer the System.
College tuition $20K-$75K a year. System tuition less than $3K. Value… priceless.
I can’t reccommend you and The System highly enough. Every year, I’ve more than recouped my investment in a very short period of time.
Kurt R. Allen, JD, CPA, CFP, WMA

Well I guess actions speak louder than words, so the fact that this is my seventh System Seminar says it all! It’s is the only one I make sure not to miss every year, because there’s always fresh hard information on cutting edge topics that simply isn’t offered elsewhere.
Most years it’s the only seminar I attend, and I’ve never yet crossed the Atlantic for any other one.
Specific things that set you apart:
1)Recognition that starting a real business takes real work and a commitment to delivering real value that meets existing wants.
2) A stand for Integrity, and a living example of it.
3) Great fellow attendees.
4) Great faculty.
And what really stands out that I learned? a) A real handle on Taguchi testing from Richard and David, b)Great insights into the health products business from Buck and Brock, c) Getting into my customers’ minds from Glenn, and d) A solid grounding into both the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ ov video from Joe.
thanks again

Ken, I wanted to drop you a quick note and express my appreciation and make some comments about your System.
I was flying home yesterday, happy and satisfied with this years meeting. It was my second one and was reinforced by both membership in the System Club and buying the CDs at last years meetings. I decided I would make some notes for myself to read when next years announcement comes so that I will ;make sure I don’t pass it up. I thought I’d share them with you as I know how valuable feedback can be, (not that you haven’t heard it all).
Why do I go?
1. I am a businessman and I live and breathe my business. Going to this meeting allows me to get away from the day to day of my business and plop down in the middle of a group of like minded ntrepreneurs where my mind can wander to new ideas, tweaks and projects.
2. I eat, drink and share , (giving and getting), with these same people and hear a wild variety of the ways they make income and
find fulfillment. Often someone will be doing something in a totally
different business that can be stretched or bent and used in MY business.
3. I get taught by a carefully chosen faculty. They aren’t perfect. They are not all relevant to me. But I only heard a few complaints. Most of
what I saw WAS relevant and worthwhile to me. I know the perception is
that this is the main thrust of the meeting but to me it is just the
thread that holds it all together. all of the rest of these things are
equally important, at least to me.
4. I am exposed to the newest and the rightest. The Saturday networking
genuinely gives me an opportunity to talk one and one with the people
creating this stuff. I am HAPPY to get the chance to buy it. And for the most part, the speakers adhered religiously to keeping their “pitch” to the last 5 minutes of their talks. Even then, it was more of “here is something I have” then “pitch.” I’ve been to “pitch fests” and I know
the difference.
5. Both times I have attended I have come away with great, great ideas. Some are simply day to day “tweaks” (which can be worth a lot of money sometimes). Occasionally a light goes off with a real barn burner. I think that may have happened this time. Funny thing is, the epiphany came on the plane ride home, lol.
In short, the atmosphere, the people, the education and the stimulation.
Thanks for a good 2007 meeting. I look forward to 2008. You are a good
man to invest in.

Dear Ken,
Thank you for a phenomenal weekend.
The System Seminar 2007 changed my thoughts, my focus, and my horizons. Again and again, the world class faculty drilled down ideas in clear, simple, and immediately useful ways. (See Lloyd for a true definition of “immediate.”)
David Bullock turned my world upside down with his business development ideas and the specific, remarkable advice he gave me. I was blown away by what I learned from Sherman Hu – the outline he gave me will be a roadmap for the next year and beyond.
And Sydney Johnston opened my eyes to a business ideas I never even thought of. I loved the session with John Carlton, and took away the idea of digging deep into the story before the copy begins.
The only frustration was not being able to take all the sessions I wanted — can’t wait for the CD’s.
Two other extraordinary aspects of the weekend were talking to so many charged-up, intelligent business owners with ideas from here to China (literally). And the panel with you and Perry Marshall and Dave Dee, where you spoke of how to deal with set-backs, overwhelm and moving forward.
I would write more but I’m afraid Lloyd, a force of nature unto himself, will appear at my door and put a gun to my head, so I’d better get going.
The weekend was –
1) An expert’s expert seminar, yet beginners were welcome.
2) The latest and greatest tweaks, but focused on traffic and conversion.
3) People at the top of their game, who revealed how they dealt with overwhelm and life balance.
4) World-class experts who were comfortable, relaxed and eminently approachable.
The entire top-drawer, elegant, and comfortable experience is due to you. How do you do it? I’m hooked!
Thanks again,

I have been involved with Internet Marketing for over two years, intensely consuming everything I can find, and I can honestly say that NOWHERE in the Internet Marketing world is there ANYTHING like The System Seminar.
First of all, Ken McCarthy, is the most humble seminar leader that you will ever find. He is kind, genuinely cares about the students/attendees, and is a first-class gentleman-professor-businessman. Ken gave us the formula for being successful online.
Take a look to your right, right here on this page! NOBODY ELSE leaves the replays of the preview calls up for a year!! If you haven’t downloaded and listened to them, do so now!
Not only was the faculty of presenters first rate and AVAILABLE to us, but I also found my fellow students/attendees to be truly warm, open, and sharing.
I gained absolutely as much outside of the classroom sessions, networking and learning, as I did inside, furiously taking notes while the teachers were presenting. Thank goodness all of the recordings of the entire weekend were available for purchase = and they were CHEAP ($99 for the mp3’s of the ENTIRE weekend = if you’re a System Club Member = which you should be)!
Dave Taylor = showed us how to go from being an absolute nobody to a highly-sought-after expert in a very short period of time with the power of blogging. His resource for outsourcing transcripts alone will save me hundreds of dollars per year.
Tim Gorman on Article Marketing = after hearing this guy speak, nobody should have any excuses about “not having enough time” to generate four and five figures per month online.
Ann Convery = Speaking Your Message in 30 seconds or less (System Club Meeting on Friday) = great! She actually gave us a FORMULA for putting together a 30 second elevator speech = and gave us handouts. I had the pleasure of talking with her for over an hour in the hallway Sunday evening after the seminar was over (try to get an hour one-on-one with a speaker anywhere else).
Speaking of one-on-one time, Kim Castle spoke to a group of us on Friday night for a couple of hours = it was awesome! Kim’s presentation was on Branding your business, and they do a really great job of pulling out the essence of who YOU are, so that your business reflects that.
Ari Galper = his new way of connecting DIRECTLY with your website visitors through the power of online live Chat = this is a no-brainer that everybody who is in a “soft-topic” or service business should be doing.
Christina Hills (Shopping Cart Queen) on upselling, and Marc Harty (Web PR + Social Media) = awesome!
Chris Moreno = if you want to get a website up and running in just a few hours, selling physical products, he can show you how, or do it for you, or he will even do a Joint Venture with you. Amazing.
Glen Livingston = EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS should utilize his research system = whether you are just starting up, or have already in business for years. He shows you how to find out exactly what your customers want = so that you hit the sweet spot in your industry or niche.
Lloyd Irvin = I want to conquer the world after seeing and hearing this guy = I felt like I just finished watching a “Rocky” movie. This guy went from ZERO to over a MILLION dollars in just four years! Show me any other industry that that can be done. And he showed us EXACTLY how he did it. NO coaching programs to join, no “big package” to show us how after we get home = he showed us RIGHT THERE how he did it = pure education. Unbelievable.
The day after The System seminar, Ken put on an “Insiders Only” Advanced Intensive in Info Marketing to Benefit New Orleans Rebuilding. Not only is this guy a businessman, but he’s also a philanthropist! Rarely is this seen in the Internet Marketing world.
Ken’s presentation was on Advanced Copywriting = if you don’t have his course, buy it and utilize it NOW. Brilliant.
Dave Dee = entertaining and informative = awesome. As a former magician, his best year was $21,000. Now he makes the big bucks, and he showed us how he does it.
IN CONCLUSION, I have to say that after this seminar, I am thoroughly convinced that ANYONE can make BIG MONEY online; it almost doesn’t matter what they are selling. If your product or service has value, it is possible to make five, six, seven, and eight figures online if you do three things that Ken talked about:
1 = learn; 2 = do; and 3 = network.
Thank you.
Dr. Andrew Colyer

Hello Ken.
The biggest challenge for me at the System Seminar was choosing which of the breakout sessions to attend. I am so glad that I am receiving CD’s of the entire event because I know that I missed some fantastic sessions. Meanwhile I attended the sessions that were the most important for me at the moment and since I returned I have alreay started implementing things I learned from each of them. I am so grateful for this seminar and the extremely valuable information that I learned throughout the entire event including the wonderful networking opportunities. I will be thanking you all through the year as I watch the increase in sales. It’s too bad that I have to wait an entire year to attend another one of these events but meanwhile I am studying your copywriting course,listening to the System Seminar CD’s, and ordering material from the experts who presented at the seminar. Thanks for putting on the best event in the industry.

To beginners… It’s amazing what happens when you have an open mind to learn and apply. I took Ken’s pre-System internet seminar in October of 2001 as a brand new rookie. By 2003 System in Cincinnatti I was selling about $15K/month. By the time I attended System 2007 in Chicago we’re up to $100K+/month in sales. Who knows where we’ll be in a couple of years (thanks to Lloyd for the inspiration).
System 2007 was a terrific event, indeed. Great speakers with loads of information to absorb and put into action. Terrific crowd of extremely smart and some truly accomplished attendees. I picked up so many interesting new business models, my head hurts.
The connections I made and the discussions transpired in the wee hours were delight. I expect to do at least a couple of JVs with the attendees as a result that I’m sure will translate into solid sales numbers.
One of the things I haven’t seen mentioned, the System is a great place to look for service providers and outsourcing. If you need to get a lot of things done and don’t have a clue how to, someone among the attendees can either do it for you or refer you to another source… Priceless.
One suggestion for the future events’ session scheduling. Out of 25 speaker sessions, we could only be at 5 during the event. How about starting them earlier in the morning, cutting the lunches shorter and ending a bit later. Over 2 days we could probably see 2-3 more speakers this way.

Wow! What an experience – this was my first System Seminar and my third Internet marketing event.
From the moment I checked in and started meeting people, I knew The System Seminar would be different.
You’ll see two posts on my blog at about my experiences: one written on Friday night and one a week later.
I met so many enthusiastic, dedicated and successful people there who credit The System for their success.
Ken, thank you for all you do to promote, professionalize and revolutionize the art and science of Internet marketing.
Looking forward to being a part of The System Club and to next year!

Hi Ken,
Thanks for another amazing System Seminar. I do think this was the best one so far.
I’ve got 46 pages of notes to go through, and I’ve already implemented some of the Article Marketing and Social Media methods I learned at the System this year.
And I’m about to apply Glenn Livingston’s research methods to a new market I’m entering into.
I got so much I could write all day, but I’ve got more to put into action and as Lloyd Irving said in his kick-butt inspirational talk… I’m throwing stuff on the wall and will clean it up later.
It was a great event and I’ve already recommended at least a dozen people I know to attend next year.
I’ll be back next year, and if at all possible as one of next years faculty.
Craig Eubanks
P.S. Thank you for putting this event together, and also a special thanks to Bettina for running it so smoothly.

I’m not sure what I can add beyond what’s already been written, other than if you are considering ONE educational, networking, business building event for you, put this at the top of your list.
It’s “an old fashioned seminar” in that the goal is to create an environment for you to learn a ton and get what you need — not to hard sell you every 90 minutes. This is the real deal, put on by leaders in the industry with a real calling to educate and share information.
This event will change the trajectory of your business. Join The System Club and fast forward your growth.

Ken, this was my first System Seminar and I have to say it well worth it. The information I learned and the contacts I made have already begun to bear fruit. The expert speakers gave of their time and experience instead of hiding up in their ivory towers. While there were products and services for sale, the speakers did not tease, but taught, unlike other seminars I’ve been to.
I’ve joined the System Club and look forward to a prospeous year.

Hope you’re not disappointed… but I could have gone home after a short five minute conversation with another attendee on Saturday morning and would have been more than satisfied with the value I received.
That’s not to say that the faculty and presentations were bad (they were superb; I learned a lot of things that I’m going to use — and thought enough of the sessions I was able to attend that I ordered the CD to catch the presentations I missed); it’s just that one short conversation with another first-time attendee told me what I needed to do to get things back on track.
While it’s possible to pick up a set of CDs or DVDs from a live event and learn something, it’s the people you meet that really make a difference — not to mention the fact that, as a general rule, the recordings you CAN get aren’t YOUR seminars… And I’d like to encourage anybody reading this who might be “sitting on the fence” to be decisive and catch the next System Seminar.
I’m glad I was able to attend and will look forward to seeing you again at future events.
Best regards,

This event was as good as last year, perhaps better in a way.
Ann Convery blew me away. Next to Mitch Axelrod’s presentation (last year) this one may have had the most impact on me…EVER. What a great find and perfect for the System Club. Well worth what I paid for being a System Club member (in addition to all the great other benefits).
Lloyd Irvin’s multiple talks will be in my MP3 player throughout the summer as a constant motivator. (I know the Power Points are posted…any chance of “wrestling” Lloyd’s other sessions from him for System Club members? Specifically, his general session impromptu and breakout session?)
Dave Taylor’s comments about “How Much is Enough?” and taking time for the things that REALLY MATTER is something that every business owner should take heed. Practicing this for the previous 7+ years has been rewarding and fulfilling in my life. No one gets to take any money or physical possessions with them when they’re gone…including Halbert, Rudl, Giddens and others who have passed on.
Lastly, I appreciate the great content you have provided during the past four years as a subscriber to your multiple lists. I am one
of those people who you refer to…on your list for a while and finally decided to go to a System event. I always said that if I only had one choice (and that’s about all I have annually) to attend a “live” event it would be the System.
What have I learned from all the pre-event teleseminars, e-mails,
recommendations and the two System events I attended? How to take an offline business and integrate some online technology. In the process, increasing sales from $2,500,000 annually to almost $6,000,000 this year. With a corresponding increase in revenue from $362,000 to over half a million dollars. THANKS!
The attendee at the end of the event with a story that really blew my mind was the lady who said she had spent $100,000+ and mortgaged her house and still couldn’t figure a lot out. It actually grieved me, because Smart Beginner’s has everything you need to get started. Then it all boils down to Traffic + Conversion.

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