Faculty Interviews - 2008

Sharon Odom – How to Find Your Niche

Lots of people have online business ideas.

Few know how to analyze these businesses for their profit potential.

In this step-by-step video, Ken McCarthy and System 2008 faculty member Sharon Odom take a market idea and show the exact process screen-by-screen for how they look for winning Internet marketing ideas.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Glenn Livingston: The Ultimate Niche Finding System

In my experience, 90% of Internet marketing success comes
from picking the right niche. And picking the right niche is
a matter of research.

No one has a better, more comprehensive approach to
niche finding than Glenn Livingston.

Glenn’s tools will not only help you find lucrative niches
that others overlook, they’ll also help you extract more
money from a market than you would have ever dreamed

If you listen to no other call this year, make sure you
listen to this one. Glenn’s work is absolutely original
and you won’t find these insights anywhere else.