Faculty Interviews - 2008

Christian Mickelsen – The business of coaching

In the last ten to fifteen years a new phenomenon
has emerged in business: “coaching.”

Formerly just the province of athletes, coaching has
taken the business world by storm.

But is it really worth it, or is it just a hyped up fad?

Veteran coach and “coach of coaches” explains when coaching is called for, how to find a good coach, how to become a successful coach, and how to add coaching to an info marketing business or use it as the foundation of a brand new venture.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Cindy Kappler – How to make it happen

Cindy Kappler is the mother of five and a full time Internet

On this call she talks about how to learn Internet marketing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some people complain about not having “enough time.”
If that’s your excuse – or challenge – hear how a real pro handles the problem.

Great call for beginners and you too if you feel overwhelmed at times with the tasks you face.

Interviews with System grads

Howie Jacobson and Kristie McDonald – REAL Internet success

If you’ve been around Internet marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably been pitched on countless “miracle” methods.

You know, “secret methods” that will propel you to instant riches overnight.

At the System, we take a different approach to Internet marketing.

We turn “newbies” into pros. In other words, instead of promising the moon
and delivering hot air, we focus on training beginners (and others) in all the skills that really count in Internet marketing.

Maybe that’s why nine of our 25 faculty members are folks we’ve trained from
scratch and System grads are leading their own seminars and having their
books on Internet marketing published by major publishers.

Here’s an interview with two grads in which they share what it’s like to be a System student and the benefits they’ve gotten from their non-hype, serious training.