2010 Pre-System Training Interviews with System grads Ken McCarthy

Conversion optimization with David Rothwell

Conversion optimization with David Rothwell

Call-in with David Rothwell and Ken McCarthy

Did you miss Perry Marshall’s recent $5,000 a seat Summit in Maui?

If so, all is not lost.

One of the hits of the Summit was David Rothwell from the UK and you can get some of his best stuff, right here, right now, free.  David will be presenting at the System Club Members Only seminar, a special event for the alumni of past System Seminars.

David is one of the first marketers on Planet Earth to crack the code on Google’s new Conversion Optimization function which is what earned him a place as a featured speaker in Maui.

Listen to the call here:

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2010 Pre-System Training

Success is a system: Perry Marshall

Success is a system: Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall was trained as an engineer and he brought his engineering mind set with him to his first System training.

The result?

Using the insights of the System as his foundation, Perry built the most solid, reliable, and thorough system for using Google AdWords and other paid traffic sources you’ll find anywhere.

But AdWords is only the tip of the Perry Marshall iceberg.

Everything related to sales, marketing and business building can be reduced to a system. Learn how.

Listen to the audio of my interview with Perry below:

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2010 Pre-System Training

Timothy Seward – Pay-per-click: The Secret Weapon

Pay-per-click: The Secret Weapon

Timothy Seward and his company ROIRevolution provide pay-per-click account management services to over seventy companies.

His clients spend anywhere from a few thousand to over $500,000 a month on their media buys.

And all this traffic is carefully tracked, tested and optimized for maximum profit.

In this call. Timothy and Ken get into the “nuts and bolts” of what it takes to run pay-per-click ads profitably.

Listen to the audio of my interview with Timothy below:

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2010 Pre-System Training

Beyond Google – 2010 Pre System Call

Ken McCarthy, Mike Mindel
and Greg Davis
talk about alternatives
to advertising with Google

The emergence of Google in the last ten years has radically transformed the Internet marketing landscape.

For the most part, these changes have been positive. Google AdWords has made a large inventory of well targeted traffic readily available to all, regardless of business size or budget. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that because Google has made online advertising so easy, many businesses have become dangerously dependent on its services for their Internet traffic.

In this conversation, Ken McCarthy talks with Greg Davis, an accomplished CPA marketer, and Mike Mindel, co-founder of WordTracker, about alternatives to Google.

Ken, Mike and Greg lay out a clear pathway for expanding beyond Google and taking advantage of the vast universe of other traffic opportunities that exist on the Internet.

(Note: Audio quality not as good as we would have liked. Ken and Greg were on Verizon. Mike calling all the way from the UK had a clearer signal.  Go figure.)

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Faculty Interviews - 2009

Perry Marshall

The Man

If you’re using AdWords as part of your Internet marketing strategy, odds are you either learned it from Perry, from one of his students or from any of the hundreds of people who’ve “borrowed” from his insights and research to create their courses.

But Perry is a lot more than one of the world’s leading AdWords experts. He is a savvy sharp direct marketer who’s at the center of one of the sharpest brain trusts on earth.

On this wild and wooly wide ranging call Perry and I talk about the big
challenges Internet marketers face today, how to overcome them, and – towards the end of the call – a dead simple way to double your income and strengthen your business practically overnight.

Interviews with System grads

Howie Jacobson and Kristie McDonald – REAL Internet success

If you’ve been around Internet marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably been pitched on countless “miracle” methods.

You know, “secret methods” that will propel you to instant riches overnight.

At the System, we take a different approach to Internet marketing.

We turn “newbies” into pros. In other words, instead of promising the moon
and delivering hot air, we focus on training beginners (and others) in all the skills that really count in Internet marketing.

Maybe that’s why nine of our 25 faculty members are folks we’ve trained from
scratch and System grads are leading their own seminars and having their
books on Internet marketing published by major publishers.

Here’s an interview with two grads in which they share what it’s like to be a System student and the benefits they’ve gotten from their non-hype, serious training.