2010 Pre-System Training

Success is a system: Perry Marshall

Success is a system: Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall was trained as an engineer and he brought his engineering mind set with him to his first System training.

The result?

Using the insights of the System as his foundation, Perry built the most solid, reliable, and thorough system for using Google AdWords and other paid traffic sources you’ll find anywhere.

But AdWords is only the tip of the Perry Marshall iceberg.

Everything related to sales, marketing and business building can be reduced to a system. Learn how.

Listen to the audio of my interview with Perry below:

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2010 Pre-System Training

Beyond Google – 2010 Pre System Call

Ken McCarthy, Mike Mindel
and Greg Davis
talk about alternatives
to advertising with Google

The emergence of Google in the last ten years has radically transformed the Internet marketing landscape.

For the most part, these changes have been positive. Google AdWords has made a large inventory of well targeted traffic readily available to all, regardless of business size or budget. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that because Google has made online advertising so easy, many businesses have become dangerously dependent on its services for their Internet traffic.

In this conversation, Ken McCarthy talks with Greg Davis, an accomplished CPA marketer, and Mike Mindel, co-founder of WordTracker, about alternatives to Google.

Ken, Mike and Greg lay out a clear pathway for expanding beyond Google and taking advantage of the vast universe of other traffic opportunities that exist on the Internet.

(Note: Audio quality not as good as we would have liked. Ken and Greg were on Verizon. Mike calling all the way from the UK had a clearer signal.  Go figure.)

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Tom Leung from Google

How to use Website Optimizer

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Timothy Seward

The secrets of online entrepreneurs who make it big

Timothy Seward is my favorite kind of Internet marketing educator.

First, he’s built and run real world businesses.

Second, he’s a true master of his topic. So much so that Google has certified him to teach on their behalf.

Third, he works with a wide variety of real world businesses, improving their conversions and profits, turning struggling businesses into winning ones and good businesses into wildly successful

If you’re using AdWords to drive traffic or even just thinking about it, you MUST listen to this interview.

Faculty Interviews - 2009

Trevor Claiborne

Straight from Google headquarters

Thanks to our colleague Timothy Seward, Google has “discovered” the System.

Apparently, they liked what they saw last year because they’re coming back again this year.

Trevor Claiborne has the perfect background to advise online entrepreneurs.

He worked for a mobile marketing start up and then joined Google as an
AdWords evangelist helping spread the word about the then-new advertising
vehicle by working closely with the clients of web hosting companies and
members of local chambers of commerce all across the US.

In seven short years, Google has tested its way from being a small, but solid
company to the dominant force on the Internet and one of the most powerful
media and advertising companies on earth.

As a Google insider, Trevor has some unique insights into how they did it
and how the model Google pioneered can be successfully copied by
all businesses, large and small.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Timothy Seward – ROI Revolution

Timothy had over fifty employees, thousands of square feet of warehouse space and an extremely profitable truck parts wholesaling business.

When he sold his company for a fat profit, he chose to pursue the thing he loved the most about his business: technology.

In recent years, Timothy has become one of the leading authorities on how to use Internet tracking tools to wrack up amazing profits.

Who says?

Google says.

His company is one of only two in the world that Google has certified to teach
Google Analysis in a live seminar format.

And he’ll be teaching at System 2008 along with Tom Leung, Google’s product manager for its Website Optimizer.

Faculty Interviews - 2008

Tom Leung – Straight from Google Headquarters

This year, the System is honored to be presenting an executive from Google.

Tom Leung is a serial entrepreneur who Google
tapped to lead its new Website Optimizer group.

Like the System Seminar, Google is obsessed with
testing and giving its customers the best possible
tools to grow their businesses.

Google’s Website Optimizer is a relatively new initiative that gives even low-budget Internet marketers access to testing tools developed at the cost of millions of dollars.