Faculty Interviews - 2008

Cindy Kappler – How to make it happen

Cindy Kappler is the mother of five and a full time Internet

On this call she talks about how to learn Internet marketing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some people complain about not having “enough time.”
If that’s your excuse – or challenge – hear how a real pro handles the problem.

Great call for beginners and you too if you feel overwhelmed at times with the tasks you face.

3 replies on “Cindy Kappler – How to make it happen”

Great interview with Cindy, very practical, very feasible.
It s great to mention the sacrifices and not only the rewards as well as the time frame to invest before seeing tangible money results.

Hi Cindy,
Great call – my thanks to you and Ken! Ken always stresses the importance of finding a niche in alignment with our own “passions”.
What advice do you have to those of us who are (a) struggling with that a bit, and (b) aren’t “into” horses..:)

Kevin —
Glad you enjoyed the call. Take a look around you — what topic do you see that clearly has a following and might be right for a niche market? You can see what’s popular on Ebay and Clickbank, check out the topics of the best selling books at Amazon and your local bookstore, see what topics magazines are focusing on, etc. I like to use a keyword research tool like and type in phrases like “how to”, “learn” and “solution for” (without the quotes). See what topics come up — these will give you great ideas for possible markets.
And, don’t miss the informative pre-System calls with Sharon Odom and Glenn Livinston. They will both give you excellent strategies for evaluating your market ideas.

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