Faculty Interviews - 2008

Ed O’Keefe – From zero to over $6 million a year…

From zero to over $6 million a year and growing
…in just five years

Gurus like to throw big numbers around to dazzle you, but they rarely, if ever, share what’s behind those big numbers.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get from zero to
$1 million a year in sales…and how people go from that plateau to $5 million or year or more?

Should you out source everything? Should you work a Four Hour Work Week? What really works?

One reply on “Ed O’Keefe – From zero to over $6 million a year…”

Great, great interview with Ed O’Keefe. One of the best of the 2008 series, particularly for newbies.
You and Ed lay out the the honest steps you each went through (I like the comment: “clueless!”) required to get one to one’s goal. And you focus on one of the most important factors: skills / education (particularly copywriting, e.g. Gary Halbert’s push to write out great ads by hand!).
You also both noted how you learnt a lot while still without capital. So, the focus is substituting time (for self education) as against the use of capital – time versus money cost.
These are the sort of interviews — living testimonials of success, if you will — that are so important, and which marks out the System Seminar.
Thank you.
Troy Lynch.
P.S. I will try and get to the SS one day!

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