Faculty Interviews - 2008

Christian Mickelsen – The business of coaching

In the last ten to fifteen years a new phenomenon
has emerged in business: “coaching.”

Formerly just the province of athletes, coaching has
taken the business world by storm.

But is it really worth it, or is it just a hyped up fad?

Veteran coach and “coach of coaches” explains when coaching is called for, how to find a good coach, how to become a successful coach, and how to add coaching to an info marketing business or use it as the foundation of a brand new venture.

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Mr. Miclelson certainly sounds like a nice guy and I listened to what little he talked about his background. For me – I would want a Coach that actually has extensive experience in different aspect of business, particularly Sales, Marketing, Advertising and wouldn’t it be nice if he/she knew something about Teaching. IF my coach had that background, there is a good chance their advice and recommendations would have value and be well worth the Fee charged. It doesn’t seem like those topics were convered in the audio.

Since I don’t visualize doing coaching, I didn’t find any value in this session for my purposes.
If it had been coaching on how to set up my website it would have been “just what the doctor ordered”

I have not yet listen to the recording, however I did want to comment on the comments made.
Some Joe is on the right path about finding someone with experience as it is a great teacher. Anyone who has managed or operated a business has learned how to teach. I would not let this one factor weigh so high in deciding on a coach.
Experience, is great. Someone who you can relate to is necessary. Interview folks to see if there is a good match.
There is a difference between coaching and training. It sounds like you needed a trainer for the web site.
A coach is there to guide you, point out areas for improvement, support you in your development, suggest paths and much more.
A trainer is there to tell you exactly what to do to solve a problem. As I write this, I think we will began to see personal trainers be called physical coaches.
Thanks for listening.
You will have all you desire.

Certainly it is important the background and previous knowledge. But it’s probably more important the ability to listen. See, most of us know exactly what we need to do, but a little push that makes you go that extra 10% is what a good coach can give you.
I have to say that I haven’t been coached myself, and that I’m not a coach —at least not now. But it is crystal clear to me that in most cases what you need is an external observer to make you jump to the next level.

Christian talks from EXPERIENCE and from experience in PIONEERING in this field.
The only drawback to being a Coach is the limited number of hours you can devote in a day .
Selling a product ( a book) is not limited by the number of hours in a day .
Great interview touching the core of being in business.

I found this a fascinating call, not least because I’m looking towards coaching myself (and I’m being coached). But what isn’t clear is whether Christian received training in being a coach (coach training is big business and unregulated).
Also the different interpretations of the terminology – coaching as he explains it sounds more like mentoring – there is an element of the coach passing on skills. Most models of life coaching I’ve come across (and what I’m receiving) the coach facilitates, but doesn’t teach or make judgments. In the latter case the coach could know nothing at all about the business you are in.

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