2010 Pre-System Training Interviews with System grads Ken McCarthy

Conversion optimization with David Rothwell

Conversion optimization with David Rothwell

Call-in with David Rothwell and Ken McCarthy

Did you miss Perry Marshall’s recent $5,000 a seat Summit in Maui?

If so, all is not lost.

One of the hits of the Summit was David Rothwell from the UK and you can get some of his best stuff, right here, right now, free.  David will be presenting at the System Club Members Only seminar, a special event for the alumni of past System Seminars.

David is one of the first marketers on Planet Earth to crack the code on Google’s new Conversion Optimization function which is what earned him a place as a featured speaker in Maui.

Listen to the call here:

Or click here to download

One reply on “Conversion optimization with David Rothwell”

Interesting info to hear. It’s nice to hear someone who doesn’t think that Google is the “enemy.” We have to realize that Google sells search results. If we try to game that, with ads, or websites, they have an obligation to “fight” back. Which actually helps everybody, but those who game the search engines.
Honest ads, and sites, help us, Google, and the searchers. It’s nice that Google is willing to work with advertisers, to help us.

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