2010 Pre-System Training

Beyond Google – 2010 Pre System Call

Ken McCarthy, Mike Mindel
and Greg Davis
talk about alternatives
to advertising with Google

The emergence of Google in the last ten years has radically transformed the Internet marketing landscape.

For the most part, these changes have been positive. Google AdWords has made a large inventory of well targeted traffic readily available to all, regardless of business size or budget. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that because Google has made online advertising so easy, many businesses have become dangerously dependent on its services for their Internet traffic.

In this conversation, Ken McCarthy talks with Greg Davis, an accomplished CPA marketer, and Mike Mindel, co-founder of WordTracker, about alternatives to Google.

Ken, Mike and Greg lay out a clear pathway for expanding beyond Google and taking advantage of the vast universe of other traffic opportunities that exist on the Internet.

(Note: Audio quality not as good as we would have liked. Ken and Greg were on Verizon. Mike calling all the way from the UK had a clearer signal.  Go figure.)

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