Faculty Interviews - 2009

Perry Marshall

The Man

If you’re using AdWords as part of your Internet marketing strategy, odds are you either learned it from Perry, from one of his students or from any of the hundreds of people who’ve “borrowed” from his insights and research to create their courses.

But Perry is a lot more than one of the world’s leading AdWords experts. He is a savvy sharp direct marketer who’s at the center of one of the sharpest brain trusts on earth.

On this wild and wooly wide ranging call Perry and I talk about the big
challenges Internet marketers face today, how to overcome them, and – towards the end of the call – a dead simple way to double your income and strengthen your business practically overnight.

One reply on “Perry Marshall”

I received a recording direct from Perry namely Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People and as I have listened in and read some of his articles, I trust his advice on Adwords related topics. I suppose there are a number of other people well versed within this topic and I’m impressed by the clarity shown towards helping steer users to the right path. Objectionable & misleading comments strewn across the Internet spectrum leaves a mixture of twisted emotion about Google’s Adword program but it is set right by a number of others who believe in compliance. Ken helped me to understand a great many things and as I’ve failed in most areas, failure is a part of the key to success. My definition of success is measured by how much I can achieve in the time I have remaining. Thank You to All who contributed & participated with this Event.

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