2010 Pre-System Training

Timothy Seward – Pay-per-click: The Secret Weapon

Pay-per-click: The Secret Weapon

Timothy Seward and his company ROIRevolution provide pay-per-click account management services to over seventy companies.

His clients spend anywhere from a few thousand to over $500,000 a month on their media buys.

And all this traffic is carefully tracked, tested and optimized for maximum profit.

In this call. Timothy and Ken get into the “nuts and bolts” of what it takes to run pay-per-click ads profitably.

Listen to the audio of my interview with Timothy below:

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Faculty Interviews - 2009

Sean D’Souza

How to generate lots of high quality opt-ins

Sean was one of our most popular speakers last year
and we’re very lucky to have lured him back this year all the way from his home in New Zealand.

Sean has developed a very thorough and detailed system
for building and growing information marketing businesses.

He’s found a way to grow his business without SEO, without pay-per-click, without joint ventures and without paying affiliate commissions.

It’s a simple system that generates lots of revenue and allows for lots of time for leisure.

In this call, Sean and I focus on one of the keystones of his system: how to generate lots of high quality opt-ins.