Faculty Interviews - 2009

Trevor Claiborne

Straight from Google headquarters

Thanks to our colleague Timothy Seward, Google has “discovered” the System.

Apparently, they liked what they saw last year because they’re coming back again this year.

Trevor Claiborne has the perfect background to advise online entrepreneurs.

He worked for a mobile marketing start up and then joined Google as an
AdWords evangelist helping spread the word about the then-new advertising
vehicle by working closely with the clients of web hosting companies and
members of local chambers of commerce all across the US.

In seven short years, Google has tested its way from being a small, but solid
company to the dominant force on the Internet and one of the most powerful
media and advertising companies on earth.

As a Google insider, Trevor has some unique insights into how they did it
and how the model Google pioneered can be successfully copied by
all businesses, large and small.

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