Faculty Interviews - 2009

Dr. Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson

More money from every click

What happens when you combine a rocket scientist with an Internet marketer?

You get one of the best conversion agencies on earth.

One of only a few Google-certified advisors based outside the US, specializes in showing businesses of all kinds how to get more money – a lot more money –
from their traffic through better conversion.

One thing though. To work personally with Karl and Ben your business needs to be doing at least $10 million a year in sales.

Karl and Ben were stars at our UK Intensive in London and I asked them to make the long trip and join our All-Star faculty in London.

On this call they share the low cost, and sometimes even free, methods they use to boost their clients’ profits and bust some of the “guru” myths about what it really takes to succeed in Internet marketing.

6 replies on “Dr. Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson”

Great interview!
I was deeply impressed.
It was the first time I heard that somebody in the internet marketing field charges for their services based on their achieved results and nothing else!
That’s how I can know I can trust these persons.
I also appreciated that the point is conversions rather than traffic.
It is rather a question how much profits before tax is made, rather than how much sales we made!
Good point also was that it is always about good content and service rather than manipulating search engines.
I also liked that one should become a customer of the competition all the way to actually using the product or service.
Not to mention the usability test performed by non-professionals.
It is a very useful interview. Highly recommended!
Rolf The Finn

Some great info! I’ve used my parents etc for usability in the past, but didn’t think to ask their thought processes. I’ll definitely revisit this on a number of sites.
I’ve just installed Clicktale on one of my websites – an amazing service, once I’ve finished playing with it I’ll almost certainly buy the paid service.
Looking forward to the next one.

There were two services that Karl and Ben suggested – one was CrazyEgg.
Does anyone know what the other resource was?

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