Timothy Seward – Pay-per-click: The Secret Weapon

Pay-per-click: The Secret Weapon Timothy Seward and his company ROIRevolution provide pay-per-click account management services to over seventy companies. His clients spend anywhere from a few thousand to over $500,000 a month on their media buys. And all this traffic is carefully tracked, tested and optimized for maximum profit. In this call. Timothy and Ken […]

Timothy Seward – Pay-per-click: The Secret Weapon


  1. Excellent information. Just getting started with Ad Words and am putting together a strategy. After listening to this interview I understand that I am doing things backwards. However, as I believe in my product, I will continue to invest my time but limit my dollar costs by: changing my copy on existing campaigns and starting some split testing. May try the course offered by ROI Revolution too. Thanks for the help and inspiration!

  2. Yvon says:

    Great stuff. I’ve been listening to all your recordings. I am really appreciative of all the great info and people that you put together and their expertise. Peace

  3. I have seen some of Timothy’s videos. Very well done and very valuable information. I have done ppc for myself for several years and have started to build a business in doing it for others. Timothy gives some great information and you can easily understand how he uses it to build a successful business.

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