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Greg Davis – CPA Marketing – Fact, fiction and profitable reality

CPA Marketing – Fact, fiction
and profitable reality

Greg Davis has spent millions of dollars on Internet advertising and has tracked the conversion stats on millions of page views.

In the process, he’s learned what it’s like to rack up five figure profits in a single day.

But not that long ago,  he was struggling to make his ad buys pay at all.

What made the difference?

In this fascinating call, System Seminar 2010 faculty member Greg Davis blasts some of the myths about CPA marketing and shares hard won online conversion tips that will help you sell more regardless of what business you’re in.

Listen to the audio of my interview with Greg below:

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7 replies on “Greg Davis – CPA Marketing – Fact, fiction and profitable reality”

All I can say is wow!!!! I met Greg at the System 2008 and I was impressed with him. In fact we had lunch together and personally I knew this guy was at the top of his game when we sat down and talked.

I looked forward to hearing more from him.

Ken – thanks for introducing me to Greg.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2005 and have never heard anyone discuss the types of strategies that Greg reveals.

Here are some of the things that I’ve learned from Greg that are working well for us TODAY:

1. Exploring cpa traffic sources outside of Google. For instance, we signed up for Pulse360 and are getting decent traffic.

2. Ad format. We changed up existing sales letters and converted them into an old school ad format that has been around for a while, but is not often used online.

3. SpeedPPC – this software is amazing. It has saved me weeks of my life by building cpc campaigns in a flash. It is a little bit of an investment, but worth it if you are doing any cpc marketing.

I can’t wait to learn more at The System!

Great interview Ken,
I have to say that I’ve got side tracked from buying traffic into building traffic (we need both) and I see the value of buying and making sure its profitable and scaling up from there so I will be getting back in with some of my affiliate projects and CPA/CPV looks like an interesting place to re-enter the game.

Hello Fellow SYSTEMERS!

“Ben’ Moskel’s” {see message# “11 Feb. 2010”} use of an “old School ad format”-Sales Letter, should be TESTED by EVERYONE— IF by “old School” he is referring to the Gary Halbert type Sales Letters!
When I was young, I cut my teeth learning Copywriting from Gary’s newsletters, and I still re-read his 10 Gillion Newsletters every chance I get. Same goes with Jerry Buchanan’s Salesletters.

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