2010 Pre-System Training

Part One: Call-in Day #1 with Ken McCarthy

Part One: Call-in Day #1 with Ken McCarthy

From time to time, I like to open the phone line and take questions live – and let anyone who wants to listen in.

This is Part One of a three hour call-in session from two weekends ago that ended up going four hours.

No breaks, no screening – and no pitching. I answered the calls just as they came in.

We talked about:

– Long ad copy vs short ad copy…you may be surprised by my answer

– How to turn a one-time sale into multiple streams of ongoing income

– The real reason every business needs a blog – and how to set up your blog right for maximum promotional advantage

– What you need to do when your conversion stinks (Hint: Don’t give up)

– And a lot more


Listen to the Part One here: (it’s aprox 1 hour)

Or click here to download

3 replies on “Part One: Call-in Day #1 with Ken McCarthy”

You have such intelligent and skilled callers with high value questions.

The information at the System Seminar must be head and shoulders above what others are offering for you to reveal such pertinent information on a free call.

Time to start that blog–now that I know which path to take.



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