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“I was at System 2006…”

What was last year’s System Seminar like?

With twenty-three top flight faculty members, twenty-five special workshops, and dozens of business owners with six, seven and even eight figure a year businesses, I think it’s fair to say that System 2006 has to rank as one of the most remarkable gatherings of entrepreneurial Internet marketing talent ever assembled one roof.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: Here’s what the people who were there have to say in their words…

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This was the single most profitable two days in my entire internet marketing career. First there was the powerful information shared by your tremendous faculty. But my largest benefit – one I had not expected – was the chance to meet, chat and associate with a powerful group of like-minded people from around the globe. Thanks to the openness of the faculty and attendees, I received several powerful ideas I can use TODAY! Thanks for putting this all together!

Another fantastic seminar!
Meg Awtrey – Superb session with insight on the methods & mechanics of her real world marketing strategies. Very practical inforamtion. Let’s hear more from Meg.
Sherman Hu – Fabulous high energy and dynamic session with lots of information on blogging with WordPress. He guided two system participants in the live creation of audio and video blog entries on his “Blogging The System Seminar” website. You saw the tools that he uses to create and populate his blogs.
Dave Taylor – Goldmine of information on blogging.
Marc Harty – stellar session on PR strategies.
Great fun! All the best!

System 2006
My first System Seminar…exceptional value!! An excellent selection of break-out topics and faculty. As an experienced business person new to internet marketing, I am confident that the material presented, combined with exceptional contacts made throughout the duration of the seminar will eliminate much trial & error expense and FAST TRACK desired RESULTS!
Thanks Ken, for such a great compilation of information and talent.
Also thanks for your support in the rebuilding of the Gulfcoast.
Esther Layerle
New Orleans, LA
The Trailer Outlet & 4×4 Specialties

My first System Seminar exceeded all my expectations and hopes for value! Great content and great people to associate with!

This was my first System Seminar — What A Weekend! As one person commented today, I sincerely hope you continue to host these events.
I was amazed by the incredibly useful content and the high caliber of fellow students that I met this weekend. Great people that are truly interested in my success. Invaluable!
You also did a great job of preparing beginners for this course. Your Smart Beginners course is a perfect setup to make this seminar really useful.
Kristie McDonald
West Chicago, IL

Thank you again for putting on a very professional, effective, and informative seminar. I was at last year’s seminar, and I just don’t know how you keep topping yourself with top-notch industry experts that JAM PACK each session with nuggets tips that I can use every day in business and life.
While all of the content was SUPERB, I also had a good time meeting all of the wonderful people. A couple of the faculty members remembered me from last year and the new ones were just as happy to get to know me. Aside from the faculty, I made a lot of good contacts and friends with the attendees. Unlike last year, I vow that I will keep in touch with the people I met throughout the year. The synergy created is hard to top.
Thanks again for another great seminar. Please do it again next year!
Bryan Zimmerman
St. Louis, MO

The System 2006 finished up today with another 3 days of outstanding training. The System Seminar continues to be the “standard” against which all other internet marketing seminars are compared with and aspire to become. This was my 5th System event and was definetly the best one so far. Thanks, Ken, Faculty and Staff for another outstanding event.

Someone at the System described it as “an entire MBA program in just three days”. I not only agree, but I would also say that “the System” puts MBA programs to shame. I have so much information swimming in my head but more importantly, I have a direction and a vision of my own future that I would not have had otherwise. I feel I am part of the elite.
Thanks to Ken, Staff and all the faculty members. And a big thank you to my fellow attendees who helped make the experience a remarkable one.

Coming all the way from New Zealand to be at System 2006 added significantly to the cost of attending.
And it was worth it.
I picked up some great new ideas AND the inspiration to implement them. The networking opportunities with faculty staff & other attendees was invaluable.
Mark Sceats

This was a fabulous conference with fantastic, positive presenters. I can hardly wait to receive my CDs of all the presentations. Not only will I be able to relisten to each of the presentations that I attended, but I will also be able to hear all of the other presentations. This is a good thing as it was extremely difficult to choose considering the quality of the faculty.
This was my first System Seminar and my very first educational experience where every presenter held my attention through out his or her presentation.
I have had some coaching from another group and have attended a community college two day seminar. When you offered a gift with my registration, I thought I was ready for the next educational level. I ordered the “Profits From Physical Products”, but am putting them in the on deck circle. After talking with another attendee about The Smart System for beginners, I could tell that I was out of the loop and needed to get the “real basics!”
Ken, you are a global thinker and because of that ability you have put together a conference with real meaning and value. I look forward to NEXT YEAR and in the meantime will enjoy the benefits of membership in The Smart Club. Best wishes.

Man, do I feel great!
Just got back from The System training in Chicago. Fantastic.
The reason I feel so great? I’ve been to a bunch of direct marketing seminars lately and the rule seems to be about 90% sales pitch and 10% content, despite the $1,000 – $3,000 price. So I spend the better part of the seminar straining to sift through the salespitch to find the handful of useful information. That’s gets tiring. And then there’s the wear and tear of having to continually say “No!” to the salespitches for low quality stuff, again having to sift and sort for the handful of useful product.
The System Training turned the standard seminar format upside down. 90% content, maybe 10% sales, and what was offered was high quality, useful information. And…you didn’t need to invest in any additional materials to benefit immediately. What a novel concept…provide real value!
Oh, yeah, how about The System faculty? Very knowledgeable, accessible and answered all kinds of questions, from basic to advanced. Again, not the norm.
Thanks, Ken. Nice to wake up today feeling refreshed and ready to apply what I learned.
See you next year.
Dan Curriden, D.C.
Lighthouse Chiropractic
Smyrna, GA

Thank you for all your hard work in organizing this seminar. I hope there are many more Systems in the next few years. The information learned was incedible and the vast amount of it blew me away. As soon as I got home last night I started my own business and with it plan to be one more of your many graduate’s success stories next year when I come back.
Chris Jabas

I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your hard work. I can’t imagine how much time, effort and planning it took to put on an event of this magnitude. This was my first “System” and I’ll never miss another one. I’m still pretty new to internet marketing and I really didn’t have any direction before, but I now have genuine information, from people that are DOING IT themselves, to help me get where I want to be. I can’t thank you,
your staff and this years faculty enough.
See Ya In 2007!
Joe Stewart

The Sytems Seminar went way beyond my expectations. Each of the faculty members addressed what we must do to keep up with the fast pace changes taking place on the net – a must for internet entrepreneurs. I was empressed with the overall tone of the seminar for it embraced honesty, integrity and professionalism. Thanks for an outstanding weekend.

My head is still spinning from the enormous amount of useful, current, high-level information that I can put into action right away.
First rate faculty and nice, positive, interesting attendees.
Thanks to the presenters whose sessions I attended, particularly Ken, Marc Harty, Elsom Eldridge, Dan Jamal, Perry Marshall.
And particular for the advice business panel discussion. That was a wow moment – I had to buy the CD as well as attending to make sure I got everything.

I can’t imagine how I could have gained the high quality knowledge and networking contacts that I found at The System Seminar anywhere else – at any price.
I’m going to tell every fellow business owner I know about the value I experienced:
– zero fluff and sales pitch nonsense
– 100% proven, actionable info.
– brilliant presenters who made themselves accessible to all attendees for questions and facinating discussions
– an exceptionally open, friendly environment to meet bright like minded marketers
I look forward to seeing you again next year. Thanks again to you and your entire team!
Stephen Lahey

This was my second System Seminar, and was better than the first, if that’s even possible.
I’ve been completely immersing myself in Internet marketing courses, teleseminars, books, seminars, you name it, for the past year, and I keep coming back to Ken.
Why? Because he exhibits two characteristics sorely lacking in much of the Internet marketing field: integrity and objectivity. He believes in giving his customers true value, and he doesn’t present any idea as the next best thing to sliced bread without thoroughly researching it.
His philosophy extends to the System presenters and speakers, who are among the best on the planet at what they do, and to the System attendees. Attending a System Seminar is like going to a family reunion (with only your favorite relatives).

It was the best business seminar I have ever attended in my 30 years of business. No hype, no fluff and not a pitch fest. The instructors gave us rock solid business plans and ideas, not theory. All of the classes provided tested and proven business principles that are being used now, not 2-5 years ago.
The information was absolutely cutting edge. If you are in business and weren’t there, you are behind. If you’re my competitor, I am glad you missed it.
Dave Jabas

The System Seminar exceeded my expectations. Not only did the excellent faculty cover the newest techniques and tools for internet marketing, but the discussions related to running a successful business, internet or otherwise, were very valuable. The informal discussions I had with the other attendees is worth the price of admission alone.

I was a faculty member at the System Seminar, but if truth be told, I went primarily as a student. And I was not disappointed because I have come home with at least a dozen ideas that I can turn into profits in my business. The only question is: which one should I use first?
I was surrounded by high quality presenters and ideas and the students were wonderful – professional, mature, positive and very eager to share their own experiences and wisdom.
It is always such a relief to be among others who are obsessed with the Internet the way I am. No matter what the problem, there was always a ready ear to listen and kick around solutions. Triumphs were mutally gloried in and funny stories flew through the group.
There was only one frustration … that I couldn’t personally attend every session! Ken, you presented a wonderful smorgasbord of fellow teachers, all with specialties that I wanted to master. Until I figure out how to clone myself, though, I can’t attend all of them. I will have to wait (impatiently!) for the CDs so that I can hear the speakers I missed.
Attending a seminar is an expensive proposition. The travel is tiring and the effort is sometimes enormous. Every time I go to such a meeting, when I get home I consider whether the expenditure of resources and energy was worth it. Recently, the answer has always been an emphatic “NO!”. This is why I have mostly stopped attending seminars, either as a student or a teacher. However, trusted friends assured me that Ken McCarthy was different. They were right!
Thanks, Ken, and thanks to all of you who shared your humor and joy of this wonderful business.
Sydney “Dorothy” Johnston

I’ve been to several internet marketing seminars over the last couple years and I appreciate your “nuts and bolts” approach to presenting the material. There was a great selection of speakers discussing a plethora of topics. My partner and I split up so we could cover as many topics as possible that could immediately impact our business.
We are now in the process implementing some of the strategies learned this past weekend, most notably:
– Video on the web
– Blogging
We look forward to hopefully seeing you again next year!
Thanks Ken!

I’ve just arrived back in the UK from Chicago. Some friends have asked me why I travelled so far for a seminar.
Now I know.
This was my first System event and the KEY to it was meeting and making contact with fellow delegates and faculty members who want you to succeed. I know that being part of the ‘System Community’ will propel me towards achieving my objectives.
Thanks Ken!

The System Seminar 06 was excellent. This is no doubt the best seminar for a newcomer like me to find out about marketing on the internet. Ken is awesome and the speakers are the best of the best.
Great job!–Kent Komae, Creative Director, DR Copywriter

I was a newcomer to Internet Marketing – and The System Seminar – three years ago. Each year I’ve been impressed with the calibre of the speakers and information Ken presents.
This year was no exception – solid content, both basic and cutting edge – presented by folks at the forefront of business on the ‘Net.
My biggest realization this year is that I’m not a beginner any more. I can now talk about the Internet with the best of them. And I know how to separate the good info (a la The System) from all the stupid hype out there.
Muchas gracias! Pam

The System 2006 Seminar was more than I could have ever expected. I’ve been to a few seminars in the past, the real usable content of this seminar really sets it apart. I ‘ve got enough ideas to keep me busy for the next year.
The honesty and integrity of Ken and all the speakers was so refreshing. These people know their stuff and have their heart in the right place.
If there is a System 2007, I will be there!

I’ve been in the Web consulting business for over seven years and haven’t come across a more useful, no nonsense, Internet marketing seminar than The System Seminar.
The value of the seminar was predicated by the spirit of learning and open exchange that you infused the conference with, from the opening sentences of your kickoff.
I’d write a longer note, but I have too many ideas from this weekend that I need to start implementing.
Thanks again!
CommonMind Web Development

Wow! What a great business and internet conference. My notebook is full of cutting edge strategy that will keep me busy for a while. There was an absolute wealth of talent among the faculty and the participants and the relationships developed are priceless.

Hi Ken,
This was my first
System Seminar and I am a Newbie.
You sent an email before the seminar that said this could be a life changing event for some attendees.
Well, I’ve got to tell you that this was life changing for me.
I am so excited by all the information that I learned. I know that I will be successful in creating a business using the concepts that were presented in this seminar. There were so many fantasic ideas as well as information on how to impliment the ideas. You are to be commended by the number and quality of presenters that you were able to assemble in one meeting.
I am proud to be a System Club Member.
Thank you so much and I look forward to next year.

This was my first System Seminar. I was blown away by the generosity and expertise of every faculty member and the dozens of attendees I got a chance to speak with.
My only regret was not being able to talk with everyone!
I have never been to an event like this where everyone was so dedicated to helping each other out. It was contagious–I noticed the more people wanted to help me, the more I wanted to find ways to help them.
Everyone was learning. And in many ways, everyone was teaching.
Midway through the first morning, my investment had already been paid back ten times over.
You and your team did a masterful job. Thank you for everything.

Wow! I’m taking 2 days off just to review all these notes from The System Seminar. Great seminar that was chock full (overflowing) with valuable money making tips and ideas.

Just back to California from my first System meeting. I’ve been threatening to attend for a few years and finally succumbed to your autoresponder.
Glad I did. It was great. I’ve been doing this for a few years and am earning a nice income running my business on the media known as the Internet. I say this because I think experienced Internet sales people should know this was the perfect venue for me to get both the information and the motivation to take it to the next level.
The quality of the speakers was top shelf, the quality of the people I met in the lounge in the evening was the same (you know who you are Ray) and all in all it was a great experience.
You have a new System Club member and I’ll be there at the System next year to learn even more.
(I’ll stand longer in the “sit down if you make less then…” exercise thanks to my coming to the System.)

Having been to a couple of your system seminars as a student and this time as a teacher/student (who wants to quit learning this great stuff?) I have to once again commend you on a superb effort. This years faculty gave me enough ideas to keep me busy until the next System!
Todd Taylor

Thanks Ken and faculty, for a terrific System 2006! A special thank you to faculty member Robert Middleton, for recommending this conference. As a 3+ year fan of Robert’s newswletter (, I highly respect his advice, so when he suggested this conference to his subscribers, I was there! Thanks for great cutting edge, no hype speakers and content, and for recording all the sessions and making them available to participants. Thoroughly enjoyed and found priceless value in meeting you, other faculty and attendees. I have a to-do list 2+ pages long, which I look forward to implementing to expand my Internet presence.

Thank you Ken for your stellar production of the 2006 System Seminar. This has been the second one that I have been able to attend and each has been rewarding with explosive content from genuine, sincere, experts with highly useful information.
The faculty not only were inspirational and fun to learn from in their presentations, but were available throughout the event for personable and helpful advice.
Additionally, the System attendees are a terrific resource of tips and information with the varied skills, interests, and experience of everyone attending.
The weekend flew by way too fast…but I learned much from this cornucopia of juicy ideas. I can hardly wait to start sowing these seeds into my business and help it grow.
Thank you Systemaginers!

again, great job. best conference yet. great value for the serious marketer. long on content, low on hype & pitch. great faculty. your staff was terrific too. see you next year!
all the best,

I just got back home to Malibu in the wee hours this morning after my first System Seminar experience and I can happily assure anyone reading this that I will do whatever it takes to be back again next year.
If you’re interested in learning the most powerful strategies from the top cutting edge talent in the Internet marketing world, not to mention rubbing elbows for three days with hundreds of other highly skilled online business entrepreneurs, you too should do whatever it takes to be at the next System event.
I am known for not being easily impressed and I can happily say I was indeed duly impressed with the array of presenters I had the pleasure of learning from.
Unlike other similar events I’ve been to, I did not detect any “prima-donna” personas and there was a distinct absence of inflated egos. Each of the presenters I witnessed was down to earth, approachable, likable, heart centered and eager to share everything they knew in the time they had available to brain dump on those who were within range to absorb their gifts of knowledge, wisdom and experience.
I’ve been continuously involved with personal computers since the days of S-100 Buss CP/M Z80 machines going online with 300 baud modems to BBS dialups in 1978 and have built several 7 and 8 figure annual gross revenue businesses in the computing and online worlds. Continuing education has always been a priority for me and I’ve attended a wide variety of events.
I can honestly say I can’t recall a more potent gathering of brain power that’s had such a substantial impact on me. I know that the information I acquired over the last three days will make a profound impact on my upcoming projects, not to mention the business that is going to flow from the auspicious contacts I made during the weekend.
Another huge thank you to everyone who was there for the gifts I was given throughout the event.

Ken, et al.
A FIRST CLASS learning experience! You promised a lot, and then OVERDELIVERED. The quality of the faculty, the course content, the interaction with other participants all made for one truly enjoyable and productive seminar. Now, I can’t wait to begin to put some of this into action! Thanks to all.

I didn’t believe 2006 could surpass 2005. You and your wonderful staff exceed all of our expectations. You gave us VALUE, VALUE, VALUE. What a steal considering what we payed as System Club Members. The caliber of the System faculty couldn’t be exceeded. I am sure we will all be implementing the valuable money making tips and ideas that we learned at the Seminar. The enthusiasm and energy that permeated the conference was contagious. Once again you and your incredible staff for doing an outstanding job.

Having been invited to come to the System ’06 as a faculty member, I have to admit I was a bit leery. 25 years of being in the research / consulting side of things makes me understandably reticent about making money online and about people who have figured out how to make money online. So my vision was that the presenters would be selling like mad and that the actual useful knowledge from the presentations would be minimal. I mean, everyone wants to sell their stuff, right?
I am delighted to say that I was completely wrong and while most everyone — including me! — who presented had additional ways that the participants could continue to work with them to learn more and gain deeper expertise, the presentations themselves were terrific and very informative.
I have a nice long to-do list and a huge stack of cards from people I will follow up with. The quality of the attendees was great, and I know that I’ve gained at least two or three great friends from the weekend too, another fabulous end result.
Finally, I was really pleased at the reception people had to my own presentation on business and business blogging too: when I decided to spend time talking about how to decide you’re earning enough and need to then start balancing your life/work, I figured I’d be branded as the “anti-speaker” 🙂 but quite to the contrary, received rather embarrassingly glowing plaudits from both attendees and other faculty members.
All in all, a highly memorable and splendid event. Ken, thank you again for inviting me and letting me participate in The System 2006.

This was my first system seminar. I came as a guest of my friend and associate, Dave Taylor, who spoke on the topic of business blogging.
I had a great weekend in every way.
The System Seminar surpassed my expectations. A ton of great, action-oriented information. Presenters who really know their stuff.
Best of all: an overall level of honest, hype-free content that allowed me to sit back and absorb without having to ward off a perpetual sales pitch.
The networking was fantastic. I met many great people and forged two strategic partnerships over the weekend. This element alone is worth the price of admission.
Steven Van Yoder
Author, Get Slightly Famous

I need more bandwidth!! to take in all the info presented. Coming from the “traditional” business world, where what you send out must be perfect, business on the Internet is a real shift to “get it out now, and fix it later”. Thanks for the education!

Ken –
The System Seminar ’06 was an outstanding learning and networking experience. Having attended other internet oriented seminars and come away somewhat disappointed, I was a bit skeptical but hoped for the best. Yours was the best! The caliber of the speakers and attendees at the System far exceeded any other event in my experience for gaining useable, implementable ideas. I also have a long to do list and a lot of money to make! Thanks and see you next year.

Ken, as a first time participant in the System Seminar, I was so impressed by the quality of information available. The faculty was so warm and approachable to discuss my problems getting started. And the other participants were so friendly and highly motivated to learn everything possible in the short time we had together. Thanks again for a great job!

I’m a beginner, both in business and in internet-marketing. In preparation to the seminar I studied the Smart Beginners Course. That alone was packed with valuable information and action steps that were applicable right away. Within the first 20 minutes of the course I got 2 business ideas I could start with right away.
What I got mostly from the seminar (apart from loads of ideas, tips, strategies, tools, and a network of like-minded, supportive people) is to see the possibilities. No, it doesn’t take years to build up a business and make it successful! I don’t even need my own product or service. I can start right now. And that is what I am taking with me: An I-can-do-that attitude feeling encouraged by other people’s examples and concrete action steps starting NOW.
I also liked the general tone and attitude at the seminar. Yes, there is talk about money all day long. But again and again it comes back to: offering real value, integrity, caring about and serving people, loving what you do, sustainability of the business. And that’s what I am in it for.

Ken, once again the System has given me renewed focus, drive and inspiration. Between yourself, Dave Taylor, Declan Dunn, Mitch Axelrod, Rob Goyette, Dave Bullock and the dozens of conversations and brainstorming sessions I had with other attendees and faculty members, I’m clearer than ever about how to reach my goals.
Most important, the theme of this year for me was – being authentic and generous is the easy way to succeed. All the fancy SEO tricks and psychological manipulations can’t substitute in the long run. And, as you and others reminded us, we’re building businesses – which means we’re in it for the long run.
Thanks for everything!

Dear ken,
thanks for putting together an informative,interesting, practical, and inspiring seminar this weekend. Not only was it inspiring but I was inspired to take action, which is the ultimate inspiration. My goal for this year is to build my business with the tools and things I learned from the System and to build a succesful money making business and at the 2007 System seminar, I will be on the podium sharing my success.Also, thank you for extending the already
generous offer for the katrina victims. See u next year.
Richard Nahem

I attended the System Seminar this year for the first time.
I found the opening session immediately changing my way of thinking.
Ken made some key points like “It’s amazing how rich you can get without being perfect”
and “Experiment your way to wealth”. I had just left a company where there motto was “Execute Flawlessly”. I learned that the truth is if you are doing something to profit from on the net, it is better than nothing at all.
What Brad Fallon had to say about multitasking was another wake up call for me. I have many things going on and his presentation on getting “A” done before starting on “B” or “C” is a concept that will help me in my time management.
I am glad I had attended Dave Taylor’s session. Dave’s low stress attitude to making money and using software to automatically update his site while he is on the beach with his family was just as important to me as Brad Fallon’s enterprise approach of building increasing equity from his two buck wedding favors to a multi-million dollar entity. I never imagined having a UPS container truck burping on the loading ramp.
Sherman Hu also had a dynamic presentation that I am glad I attended. I liked his simple approach to making a comfortable living off a blog site and helping others learn to do it. I admire his approach of reducing the complexity so that even his father-in-law would understand how to blog. It was great networking with people around the country that are now on the top 10% of understanding the power of the web. I am thankful that the sesson recordings were made available for review later since there were others I missed attending. I can’t wait to get my CDROM’s so I can here the sessions I missed.
Thank’s Ken for a great System Seminar 2006.
Wishing all of you prosperity in the “Transportation Business”

Ditto, what else is there to say?
Ken’s pre-System program and Smart Beginner’s course prepared me to easily assimilate the weekend’s information and return to my daily business inspired and focused on the real important stuff.
I know what I need to do now, what the next step is and how to get the help I’ll need along the way.
I’m looking forward to the monthly System Club and returning next year with my success stories.
Hope it was worth your lost sleep Ken—in the words of the late great Warren Zevon, “we’ll sleep when we’re dead!”

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