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Brian Edmondson – The System edge

The System has probably trained more successful Internet marketers than all the other Internet marketing seminars and home study courses combined. Here’s a report from a relative "newbie" who after just a few months of applying what he learned at his first System training was able to outsell several famous Internet marketing experts in a head-to-head competition. 

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Brian’s is a great inspirational, real life story showing that a person, equipped with the right information and know-how can succeed in this business especially if that person is serious about using direct response marketing as the vehicle to attract qualified leads and convert them into satisfied, paying customers.
Also, Brian made the important point about the fear most people have concerning seminars. That fear translates into a hesitancy to sign-up…
People don’t want to spend big bucks for the privilege of listening to experts pitching their high ticket coaching or info-course packages.
What people want is solid content that they can use to improve their businesses.
That’s exactly what they want and Ken gives it to them with The System Seminar.
Two thumbs up to Ken for creating an outstanding seminar series and to Brian for sharing his inspiring story… Alright!!!
Gerard LeBlond
from: Sell Info Products Online dot com

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