Lots of people have online business ideas.

Few know how to analyze these businesses for their profit potential.

In this step-by-step video, Ken McCarthy and System 2008 faculty member Sharon Odom take a market idea and show the exact process screen-by-screen for how they look for winning Internet marketing ideas.

20 thoughts on “Sharon Odom – How to Find Your Niche

  1. manny says:

    Thanks for providing the “VIDEO” format, much consumable for me compared to “audio”. I am going through it…

  2. Steve says:

    Nice to watch Sharon and Ken looking through sites in a potential niche and the ensuing discussion about how it might be approached and monetised.
    However, as a Brit, I really have to ask whether all Americans pronounce ‘Badminton’ as ‘bad-MITTEN’ and not ‘BAD-min-ton’ as the game and place are pronounced in the UK where it originated? It was very distracting!

  3. Steve says:

    Further to my previous comment, I’ve now finished watching it all the way through and the content is better than my first lukewarm ‘nice’, it’s really comprehensive and the sort of stuff other people would package up and sell for loads.

  4. Elaine says:

    Wow! Great content.I’m new to this arena and I learned a ton. The video was nice, because I picked up on things I had not learned properly, i.e. the forum search. I heard from others “keyword plus forum” but what I saw was “keyword+forum”. It makes a difference! Thanks

  5. kevinja says:

    Loved this video
    I love badminton and actually have a badminton DVD to sell!
    I did most of the research Sharon suggested about a year ago, but she pointed out a couple of areas I missed.
    But, the conclusion was missing — Did Sharon recommend this as a business to her friend?
    By the way, it is the Indonsians, Chinese and who would have guessed — the Scandanavians that are HUGE into badminton.
    So any site might have to be translated.

  6. Stephanie says:

    This was an awesome presentation! Sharon’s descriptions were thorough and concise. It pulled the steps together for me. Now I’ll be able to figure out when I have enough info to actually make a decision and act on it. I’m impressed!

  7. Lon Naylor says:

    Hi Sharon & Ken,
    I’m very pleased with the way this video turned out! It was a blast to make…
    You guys are great and I can’t wait to meet you both at the event!
    Thanks for including me in this project.
    Lon Naylor

  8. Stone says:

    Ken and Sharon,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the best presentation that I have seen yet on finding your own niche. It has definately brought together steps I have previously learned but just could not put together in my head. Is there any way to get a copy of that flow chart Sharon said she had come up with but decided not to use with the presentation?

  9. Ron says:

    Hi Sharon & Ken,
    Excellent presentation. Very detailed information. Well worth hundreds.
    See you at the System…

  10. Anja Shau says:

    Thanks. Long video so. Information is great. Like your starting point and interesting what you all cover in the research. Once you found the niche, put up a website with some content I usually do, but I like the idea to ask for feedback.

  11. Andy says:

    Great presentation, I also found it much more informative to have the video, very clear info for us that are new to the area and pulled together a lot of the points from other audios. Thanks

  12. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Sharon and Ken,
    Excellent treatment of niche discovery for different types of products.
    I liked especially the free tools that a lot of people don’t know about.
    I liked the video format but wish I could download it for future reference.

  13. Sharon Odom says:

    Hi all, glad the presentation was useful. For Stone and anyone else who’s interested, I’ve uploaded the flow chart as a PDF, click on my name below…enjoy.
    See you next month at The System!

  14. Victor says:

    Excellent ! Excellent !
    I went to Business College ( 4 year programme) and NEVER learned such a PRACTICAL skill.
    Goo ooo oood stuff!

  15. Stone says:

    Thanks for the PDF. I love flow charts and that one helps!

  16. Graham in U.K. says:

    Hi Ken and Sharon
    I’ve just watched your video on ‘Finding the Perfect Niche’ and I thought it was brilliant!
    Anyone who’s still trying to work out how to find their niche should watch this video and stop reading loads of ebooks that generaly only add confusion!
    Very, Very helpful
    Graham in UK

  17. Robert says:

    I could not find a clickable link to upload the PDF. Is it available anywhere else?
    Thanks in advance.

  18. To download Sharon’s PDF, highlight and copy the following link and paste it into your browser:

  19. Manju Thirani says:

    Ken,why don’t you stream the whole seminar in real time so that people from all over the world can benefit from it?
    Many-a-times travel is difficult.
    What you share is truly great.Thanks Ken and Sharon.

  20. Ellen says:

    I tried to listen to Sharon’s presentation a few minutes ago. It played for about two minutes and then cut off. Is it too late to listen to this recording? I’d appreciate it if you left it up a couple more days.
    Thanks Ken, for allowing us a taste of your seminar. If I could have attended I would have.

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