2010 Pre-System Training

The Master of Marketing: Drayton Bird

The Master of Marketing: Drayton Bird

What’s the “secret” weapon behind all successful Internet marketing?

That’s easy? It’s direct marketing.

What is “direct marketing” and what’s the best way to learn it?

That’s easy, spend some time with System Seminar 2010
faculty member, Drayton Bird, who worked with legends
like David Ogilvy and Eugene Schwartz.

Listen to the audio of my interview with Drayton below:

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7 replies on “The Master of Marketing: Drayton Bird”

Hello Ken

Many thanks for that very insightful interview with Drayton.

Where must I have been hiding! –
I went over to both his websites and found a ton a material that’s going to be a very interesting read.

Thanks again Ken.



Another great addition to your pre-system training series – thank you! On your recommendation I bought Common Sense Direct and Digital Marketing and can’t put it down. For the past 6 months I’ve been gobbling up the direct marketing books you’ve recommended and am learning a ton. I’m literally rethinking everything I thought I knew about marketing, especially on the web.

Thanks again.


Thank you for this interview! I, too, am lazy and love reading and learning from those who have gone before me.

Can’t wait to start reading, “Common Sense Direct and Digital Marketing.” Exciting!

Great interview, Ken, from a man (no, two men) who have experienced a great deal in direct marketing. Drayton is fresh and so candid, and has that British no-rubbish attitude which is quite noticeable in the internet marketing world. This, of course, is Drayton’s USP. I bought both of his books, but his Common Sense is a great read.

Yes, please, include more interviews with Drayton.

Thank you.

Once again, this is a great interview Ken. Thanks!

I’ve been following Drayton for some years now and he is (IMHBAO) probably the best mind on Direct Response Marketing.

Without fail you and Drayton delivered the keen insights of the professional in a working model that anyone can follow.

Thanks again.

Having read, and studied, both Common Sense Direct and Digital Marketing and How to Write Sales Letters That Sell, I can say they are among THE TOP books in their areas.

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