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Free Copywriting Master Class

Did you listen to the free Copywriting Master Class?

We put so much free material out there, it’s possible to overlook some of the gems.

If you’re a copywriter or if copywriting is important to your business, make sure you listen to the interview with me, Drayton Bird and Bob Bly…

Three guys with over 100 years of combined copywriting experience. You’re just not going to find this breadth and depth of experience anywhere else.

But don’t just take my word for how good this session was…


Did I get a chance to listen to the free Copywriting Master Class – heck I devoured  it!

I downloaded it directly to my Mp3 player, listened  to it a couple times before falling asleep that night  …and woke up to it playing over again in my ear the  next morning.

Whenever I get the chance to listen in on REAL pro’s  devulge their battle-tested secrets for improving  response… I’m all over it!

I’ve been on Bob’s list for ages and have purchased many of his info-products. Top-notch stuff! And Drayton is a total class act – and hilarious too.

Which reminds me… and this is something I’ve been  meaning to do for a long, LONG time… YOUR course,  “Advanced Copywriting for Serious Info-Marketers”  absolutely blows me away every time I listen to it.

Without a doubt, it’s easily one of the BEST courses  I have ever purchased on the subject in my life.

Heck, the first two chapters were worth the price of  admission!

Anyway, thanks for putting it out there.”


Dan Rollins

Direct Response Copywriter

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