2010 Pre-System Training

Ben Moskel – The real secret to success in Internet marketing – and any other field

The real secret to success in
Internet marketing
– and any other field

Ben Moskel and Ken McCarthy

How do you succeed in Internet marketing today?

The answer can be summed up in a single six-letter word that begins with the letter “C.”

“Gurus” NEVER use it. They’d rather you believe in fairy dust and send them money.

The truth is you can become a very successful Internet marketer with practically no cash investment at all – other than time and the willingness to learn.

Listen to the audio of my interview with Ben Moskel below:

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6 replies on “Ben Moskel – The real secret to success in Internet marketing – and any other field”

Hi Ken, hope 2010 is going great for you so far!

I just got your email about the truth about the internet and all the people that can make it (without) all the bulls_ _ _ that we all see in our inbox’ day in and day out. Im still downloding the audio of you and Mr.Moskel which is now 45 minutes now because I lost my hi speed internet connection do to none payment (job loss) and now I’m using Dial_Up,But, even though it’s tough and annoying with your help I’m sure I’ll find some way of makng some money on the internet.

Take care and God Bless


Hi Ken,
Great content! I’ve been sorting through much of the online marketing BS and how the same materials keeps popping up in different designer packaging by yet another web guru.
Does anyone really believe this ‘over-the-top’ marketing hype?

I also keep stumbling over companies that have achieved a lot, but are totally clueless when it comes to internet marketing. One company that’s made millions with software called me this week. Believe it or not – their marketing exec didn’t know what an autoresponder is. And they are leading in Germany in their nitch!
It’s insane.
They just knew that their old image and branding approach on the internet isn’t working anymore like it used to (if it ever really did). And that every marketing agency gets them the same results.

Markus Trauernicht



And those who get out in the real world like you do will see this over and over again.

It’s easy to forget that the overwhelming majority of businesses in the world – even large, successful ones – don’t have the first clue about the kind of Internet marketing we’ve been teaching since Day One.

We were developing our own auto-responder system back in 1996 (we decided Aweber did a better job 🙂

Yes, it’s hard to imagine anyone in marketing can still be unaware of their power, but as you’re finding out, it’s true.


@ Ken McCarthy
What is really freaky is that this company has been selling software since 1981.

There is one “drawback” on autoresponders. Now and then someone calls and says that the last email was just what he needed. And I have to figure out on the phone which one it was without telling that a software did the job.

Markus Trauernicht


I wanted to thank you again. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people you spoke with on last week’s call. (I had the “Learn to Draw” course).

I have already put some of your suggestions to work on my site. Had to leave at the 3 hour mark. How long did the call last?


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