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John Rinaldi – Success in hard times

Success in hard times

John is one of many of our grads that used his System
Seminar training to build a multi-million dollar business.

But how is John doing now – in 2009 – given the state
of the economy?

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Good all round interview with John Rinaldi, Ken. Very inspiring. I particularly noted the amount he suggests he spends on training himself, per annum, with Dan Kennedy as his marketing mentor, and a couple of others.
However, it is notable that for one who has been at it for so many years, he states that it was not until he recently started to use Maxwell Maltz’s Psychocybernetics material, that his self image and perception changed, which then had an impact on other parts of his business.
Thanks for the interviews.

Knowing John’s story first hand, I think I can clarify this a little.
John was not paying attention to marketing and getting the predictable results from that – low income and struggle.
Then he focused intensely on marketing and got the predictable results from that – a total transformation of his business and significant financial success (which is ongoing.)
Then he realized that even with his success, he still didn’t feel as good as he wanted to.
This was an issue of self-image and he went after that. The result being now he’s successful AND he’s enjoying his success and himself.
I can tell you that as long as I’ve known him, John has always been a great guy. Now he thinks so too and that makes all the difference in how he feels and that added to his marketing savvy combines to create awesome business performance.
We’ve all got things like this going on inside: doubts, fears, insecurities. It takes work to deal with them and Maltz’s material is among the very best for this.

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