What Grads have to say about the System

What they’re saying about System 2008…

The best Internet marketing seminar in the world?

Here’s what attendees at System 2008 had to say…

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I think what makes the system different is that several of the presenters have highly proprietary approaches to the most crucial fundamentals of building business on the internet.
So you’re not learning some new fangled thing that hasn’t been tested — you’re learning about areas that are fundamental to the success of your online business in ways that are new, thought provoking and in many cases revolutionary.
Especially enjoyed Tim Gorman and Sean D’Souza — great depth and some very interesting new windows on basic but powerful marketing fundamentals that are sure to create new avenues for me.

Following Rob’s lead, I’ll try to answer the question: What makes The System different?
It could be the quality of the presenters and the material they shared (not to mention the lack of pitches).
It could be the warmth and friendliness of everyone in the room.
It could be the generosity, sincerity and impeccable smarts of our host.
The refreshing utter lack of “internet marketing rockstar” posturing _definitely_ has something to do with it.
Actually, it’s all of the above – and more.
I came to The System hoping to find some clarity for the direction of my businesses and strategies for the big picture. You gave me exactly what I needed and more – next steps (the implementation has already begun!), a ton of cool new friends and the assurance that I’m on the right track. (Your explanation of the 3 stages of business has been the greatest gift – just so far.)
Ken, as long as you keep hosting The System, I’ll keep attending. My only regret is that I didn’t get to go last year. 🙂
My thanks to everyone on the System staff for such an awesome job, too. I know it takes a ton of work to put on an event like this and I appreciate it!

While I have attended many seminars in the past this was my first “System” seminar, after attending sales pitches disguised as seminars the “System” is a breath of fresh air.
I have never seen more REAL information by speakers that REALLY delivered the goods…
Complete strategies, tactics, and instruction… on everything from conversion testing, to psychology of how customer thinks, to simple ways to drive visitors to your site.
I’ve been making my living on the Internet since 2003 and I was able to pull gold out of every session I attended 🙂
But I think what impressed me most, was the quality of contacts I made. I made some friends that I’ve already been in touch with, and some business alliances that are going to be mutually profitable for years to come… it was just so easy to meet quality people… so many opportunities presented themselves…it simply blew me away.
Ken I know you take pride in the quality of the System, and you should.
You can count me as an attendee for life 🙂

Hi Ken,
System 2008 was SUPERB!
I heard dozens of comments on the excellence of the speakers, and the generous time you
allowed for networking.
Your 7-points discussion was terrific. I particularly enjoyed “there are many ways to skin the cat”, “we are business owners, not internet marketers” and “beginners welcome.”
The down-to-earth warmth and humor of the experts you gather is unparalleled – it’s a tribute to your vision and something I have not found in any other conference. I think Systems attendees learn faster because of the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. No need to waste time fending off the hype.
I came looking for a new business model and found it, as well as superb ideas for marketing and wonderful colleagues – new and renewed. The high caliber of the people, on stage and off, is what makes the System unique.
Last year the System completely changed my perspective. This year it will make a seismic shift in my profession.
Once again, you have made a profound difference in my life.
When I saw the legacy you are creating this weekend, it moved me deeply. You have touched and changed so many lives.
Thank you so much, from all of us.

System 2008 was superb! I’ve attended every System Seminar but one and no matter what level of knowledge I came to each seminar with, I left with more. Attending as a beginner, my eyes were opened to possibilities I had never conceived. This year (six years later), attending as a fairly knowldegeable online marketer, my eyes continue to be opened to new ideas, strategies and techniques.
System 2008 topped all of the previous seminars because of the quality and level of expertise of the presenters and the exiting learning environment created by attendees and speakers alike who gathered side-by-side to learn and network.
The well-rounded selection of topics covered offered something for everyone. There’s no doubt in my mind that System attendees are now excitedly sitting at their desks mapping out their new course of action and building it around the vast amount of information they received this weekend. I’m one of them. 🙂
Thanks, Ken!

I was a presenter at the System Seminar this year and I’ve been a presenter at a number of other seminars. I have to say that this one was different experience. The System seminar is a clear cut above the normal hoopla driven seminars that often feature presenters who work harder at their rock star status than the quality of the information they provide. Ken is fanatical in his requirement that we presenters provide clear, actionable information that will drive your success.
Moreover, my co-presenters at the System seminar were present with the attendees answering questions during seminar breaks and social events – not huddled together in some cliquish mass talking only to each other as I’ve seen at other events.
My only regret is that I did not get to all the presentations I would have liked so I’m anxiously awaiting the CDs so I can catch up on the great information I missed.

Being new to Internet Marketing, we must say that the 2008 System Seminar provided information that will have a direct impact on our business goals. We are Real Estate Investors and have attended many seminars. Hands down, the system seminar is the best that we have attended. We walked away with several tips that will elevate our businesses to another level. The best part of the seminar was networking with others who have various levels of experience in internet marketing. The System Seminar people (Cindy and Bettina) are the best. We are looking forward to next year’s seminar. In the mean time we are in the process of Taking Action.

Dear Ken,
I wanted to follow-up on meeting you in Chicago and thank you for hosting such a great event.
This was my first System seminar, and I’d like to share a few impressions with you and others. But first, a bit of context.
I attended the System with a very specific objective: to brainstorm a new business idea “from scratch.” That is, I wanted to clarify my vision, identify optimal positioning in the marketplace, and begin to develop a business structure that would enable me to succeed professionally while accurately reflecting who I am as a person.
By any standard that seems a pretty ambitious agenda for a weekend conference! (It’s also worth noting that the importance of this structure: vision and purpose- positioning- mechanics- marketing, I first learned from you.)
The System did not disappoint. I feel like I picked the “who’s who” of the educational tracks- and every attendee I spoke with, felt the same way about their choices.
More important, throughout the weekend, I heard words like “real,” “substantive,” and “professional” used to describe you and the System faculty. Those are the kinds of words I want people to use to describe me, and are the REAL “secret” to professional success (ie, actually being trustworthy!)
You’ve successfully created a bona fide learning environment, assembled a second-to-none faculty, and attracted bright, thoughtful, and knowledgeable attendees. Bravo! I’ll be back.

As a recent enrollee in the Smart Beginner Program and having attended my first System Seminar, I found the experience stimulating and very instructive. Aside from the fact that the presenters were top notch, the fact that you made several of your seminars specifically for beginners like me made the weekend invaluable.
Several observations were most inspiring–that the faculty members and other experienced Internet marketers at the Seminar started just like me–overwhelmed at first by all the information we’re trying to digest, but through diligence and the direction they received from the System soon saw marked improvement in their online businesses. Also, most of them started from a less-than-rich status and saw their fortunes rise as they executed their business plans.
I liked it so much I signed up for the System Club!
Thanks again.
Tom O’Boyle

Hey Ken,
I’ve been to a staggering number of seminars since I hung out my shingle as a “copy guy” a few years back . . . and System 2008 easily pole vaulted it’s way to being one of my favorites.
I saw a lot of old friends, made a gaggle of new ones and (gasp) actually learned something useful from the presenters.
Which is a heck of a lot more than you get at most “pitch fest” seminars.
Anyway, I’ll be back. Well worth the trip and the seriousness and quality of the people in attendance was refreshing (I didn’t meet a single MLMer all weekend. Shocking!)

I’ve been in internet marketing for about 2 years. This was my first system.
The best part was meeting people, networking, sharing experiences and making new contacts.
Unfortunately, I thought it was bit light on content…and I actually did think it was kinda ‘sales pitchy’ at times.
Not sure it was totally worth it to tell the truth. Sorry.

My only disappointment is that I should have attended the system seminar sooner. I heard the about the system 4 years ago. Ken and all the faculty members are superb individuals. What I can’t believe is the open candor and honesty of the faculty members. You were able to approach them and speak to them just like they were anybody else. I have to say Ken thanks for your organization and being honest in putting this wonderful life changing event together.

As a seminar organizer, speaker and internet marketer, I can say this was the best seminar I have attended. I also like how Ken is down to earth and not big on pitching and glorifying things (very rare). I like the panels and the break out sessions. I strongly recommend the System Seminar to anyone who wants to learn how to take their business to the next level. Great job Ken!

Hi Ken,
I was VERY skeptical before attending the System but you won me over. Here’s why…This was my first System Seminar so I didn’t know what to really expect. I’m naturally very cautious when it comes to spending money on seminars. Plus, I had to fly from AZ so it wasn’t just a matter of driving to Chicago. Honestly, I went to my room Friday night after the meet n’ greet party feeling like the trip was worthwhile. Not because of the content (there wasn’t any at that point) but a few conversations I had were very eye opening and have helped direct my business for the future. Of the 5 breakout sessions I attended, there were 2 that completely stood out. The first was Nancy Andrews. She broke things down in bite size chunks and offered real tips on search engine optimization. I’m already using some of the tips she taught me. The other standout was Dave Dee. I’m not an info marketer and made a last minute decision to attend his session. Wow, I was blown away. Again, very applicable content and not a bunch of fluff and stories. I was very impressed with the two of them. Quite frankly, the other 3 sessions were not time well spent. Very little in terms of realy meat and just more talk and stories. Even with that said, I am happy I made the trip and hope to soon apply the techniques to pay for the trip. Thanks for putting together the event. I hope to attend again next year.

I think that what makes The System different from all other seminars of that nature is that Ken does not rely on star power. Indeed, the speakers are rarely star gurus but rather those from whom the famous Gurus learn from.
The sessions are very dense with content on the bleeding edge. The speakers, or “faculty members” are also there to learn so you often see them sitting in other sessions as regular attendees.
What I also like are the evenings after the sessions when you get to mingle and network with attendees and faculty.
There is truly a lot of exchange going on. One year’s attendee could be next year’s faculty member.
I was talking with one attendee for a while and then I said:
“Hey, you have a lot in common with a guy that was interviewed by Ken on his monthly interview series.”
He said “I am the guy that he interviewed”. So really, there is no barrier of any kind.
It really puts you in a different headspace when you are surrounded by people who have succeeded in the business.
People who know about hard work, failure, persistence, success.
If, like me, you have been at The System for at least two years, you tart teaching the ropes to others who are just beginning and at the saame time, you learn tricks from others who have been in the business for longer.
This year far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be there again next year.

I want to thank everyone involved in getting this fantastic event put together. Without you this would not be possible.
Ken, you really care if we succeed or not.
* What was the faculty like
Superb! Top guns! And the most amazing thing: they were so approachable. Tim Gorman spent hours and hours (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with me explaining in detail the craft of article writing.
Lon Naylor answered every single question I’ve asked him. And the same I can say about all the faculty I had a chance to talk to.
Anyone would think Ken McCarthy would not spend much time with mere attendees, they would be wrong! Ken cares! He wants to know how you are doing and he wants to make sure you’re successful!
* What were the sessions like
I’ve attended System 2006 but I didn’t attend 2007 (was in Brazil visiting family). I’ve got the System 2007 CDs though. Be in the live event was life transforming. Why? I had a chance to ask hundreds and hundreds of questions to the faculty. Having those questions answered alone would justify my expenses in attending the Seminar.
* What were your fellow attendees like
I’ve met dozens and dozens of highly knowledgeable professionals. Each one of them contributed with some valuable information.
* What was the atmosphere like
Let me put this way: nobody wanted to go to their rooms and it was close to midnight. That’s how much everyone of us enjoyed each other.
* Was the event what we promised
You’ve under promised and you over delivered!
Pure, intense valuable content. No sales pitch. What we’ve got: “here’s the information, now implement it and make money this week”
* How did the event compare to other seminars – Internet and otherwise – you’ve been to over the years
Sorry, I cannot answer that. I don’t attend any other internet seminar. No need.
I help local business owners acquire new clients using the power of the internet.
After attending the System Seminar 2008 I can say to my competitors: “once you didn’t attend the System Seminar 2008 you will be left in the dust, sorry.”

Ken, My experience at System 2008 was awsome. The speakers were extremely approachable and very open. They were all very informative providing take home and implement material. I am a dentist and have been to many seminars that have helped my career greatly. I know that the System will do the same. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. The students who attended were also very friendly and open. A great experience. I can’t wait to see you next year.

Thanks so much for choosing faculty for the System Seminar that is truly “in the trenches” and willing to extend their “know-how” to everyone attending. I have attended no less than 30 multi-day seminars in the last 6 years. Usually by mid-morning of the second day, I’m ready to latch on to an excuse to skip out after lunch. (We know that our minds can rationalize any behavior, don’t we.) At this meeting, I wish we’d had the extra 1 ½ hours of lunch filled with instruction (figuring I could eat later). Sure, lunch was a great time of networking, but I wanted you to know that the level of teaching and learning was top notch.
Without fail, I felt like every presenter left it on the floor. No one held back, hoping to entice attendees to hire them. No doubt, many were asked if they could help attendees because of the significant value given in the 90 minute presentations. Thanks also for making the audio CD’s of all of the sessions available at such a low price. Certainly, it will not be the same as attending the session live, but I had at least two Number 1 Choices for every 90 minute period. I would recommend System Seminar for anyone who wants to grow their business and recognizes that growth through the internet is an absolute necessity.
Ken, one last word: System Seminar Rocks!!!
Dan Scott

I was at System 2007 and would say that 2008 was better for two main reasons:
1) the top-notch quality of the presenters and the material they shared
2) I was ruthless in getting prepared for what I wanted from it.
It’s so easy to attend this and get distracted from your main focus because there’s just so much interesting content, both broad and deep.
Practically everyone I have ever spoken to all say the same: “It’s all interesting, where should I go??”
This is where the preparatory materials are so crucial.
Perhaps a flow-chart and a recommended list of sessions to attend for first-timers?
Thank you again for an excellent seminar!
Sean D’Souza was particularly outstanding and delivered a formidable presentation that you just had to experience to get full value from.
Looking forward to System 2009!

The faculty members were very approachable. I had spoke with at least three of the faculty during lunches, and they were very interested in my own situation. Other attendees were equally as receptive, and there was certainly a constant flow of ideas from one person to another throughout the seminar.

What I loved about the system was all of the great networking. There were so many cool people to meet that were actually up to something and doing things.
Can’t wait ’til next year!

Well, I think this is my eighth System Seminar, so that says it all!
With ever year that goes by, the contrast between this and virtually everything else on offer gets more extreme. It’s a relief to have one event that I can trust to give solid authentic content.
Keep up the good work!

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