Interviews with System grads

From $1 to $1000 a day

When Darrell took his first System training  (February 2005), his Internet business was struggling.

He had a great product and a sincere commitment to his customers, but his online sales were terrible, averaging just $1 a day.

Ten months after his first System training, his sales averaged over $1,000 a day, with some peak days taking him over the $3,000 mark – ten times more in ONE DAY than he’d made the entire previous year.

How’d he do it?

He followed the System Way.

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I found the interview with Ann Convery to be very enlightening. From focusing on the benefits that you can give your customer, to finding a unique angle about your products, she was very informative and inspiring. I can use much of what she talked about in selling my musical instruction products. Thanks so much!

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