Traffic is the easy part – Ken McCarthy

Traffic is the easy part If you ask the average Internet marketer what the most important thing in Internet marketing is, most will say: traffic! The gurus take advantage of this by pushing one new loony traffic scheme after another. Are they right? Is traffic THE most important thing in Internet marketing? Let’s take a […]

Traffic is the easy part – Ken McCarthy


  1. Ryan Healy says:

    Great article, Ken. I especially liked this little bit:

    “But calling yourself a copywriter and charging as if you were a copywriter is not the same as BEING a copywriter.”


  2. Tobi says:

    Hi Ken,
    I’ve been receiving your newsletter since 2005. What i appreciate the most is that your articles help me to see internet marketing from a broad perspective. You touch the bottom and help me to differentiate BS marketer from a real one. Some guys have sent me something very detailed steps such as listing. After reading the newsletter about the listing I became nervous and felt that i was lost in internet marketing. It was too much detailed. But now i feel pretty good, because now know that they’re all talking about conversion.

    Thank you as always

  3. Dr. Shapero says:

    Ken, Great information. Very well put and to the point. These articles are super and useful which is not as common as some might think these days.

    Thanks, Dr. Brad Shapero

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